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Thread: H1B cap exempt to H1B capvisa and Green card

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    H1B cap exempt to H1B capvisa and Green card

    I am MS technology graduate from U. of Chicago. I am working with the University which is H1b cap-exempt. In the future, I will work for the cap-subject employee. I am on OPT right now.

    Should I apply H1b from University or change the job to corporate then apply H1b cap visa?

    If I move from H1b cap exempt to the cap-subject employee-

    Do I have to again come through the lottery system? How much time does it take to transfer and when is the right time or month for transfer.

    If my company apply for GC, How much time does it take for the approval ETA 9089 and I 140? Can I change my company after approval of I-140?


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    Where is the answer of this question?

    I have posted my question on your thread and you posted it on facebook. I am not seeing the answer to my question. It is neither on your thread and nor on your fb page. What's the point of having all the exercise?

    How can I access free immigration attorney advise?

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