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Thread: how to pay college fees without Debit/Credit card

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    how to pay college fees without Debit/Credit card

    Hello Desiopt guys..
    You are doing great job, I have a question about paying fees for my fall semester, What should be the best way to pay my college fees as my college does not accept credit cards or debit cards? thank you in advance..

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    You can pay by check or online transfer

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    Get a money order from local gas station who does that

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    online transfer or demand draft or pay via cash by retrieving from bank or a money order
    best way is by demand draft

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    The best way to find out is to navigate through your college website. You can get all different answers here, but it all depends on your college.

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    Pay by Cashiers check. Get the cashiers check from your university bank so that they wont charge you any fees. Making money order from gas station will charge you some fee.

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    Personal Checks or e-checks or money order or cashier's check

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    You can use checks for paying a fee, I also use my personal printed checks, in fact, I print them through Bank Checks Plus Store by using Online Coupons. and they accept it very easily. You can also pay through check.

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    You can yse cash

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