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Thread: Applying for STEM OPT Extension

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    Applying for STEM OPT Extension


    During my initial OPT I changed the '3' employers and also updated in the SEVP portal and this is the time to apply for STEM.

    Do I need get all the 3 employer OPT I20's if that is the case, I had only 1st employer I20 and also when I was with 1st employer I went to India with the travel I20 which is generated on Jan 2,2019. And then next I changed to the 2nd employer and after few days I got a better opportunity so I moved to 3rd employer and updated in SEVP Portal with 2nd and 3rd employer deatails as well.

    I filled the i-983 from the 3rd employer and sent it to college and also requested to generate 2nd and 3rd employer OPT I20's along with the STEM I20.

    But, my college International Advising emailed me that they can generate only last printed i20 which is jan 2,2019 and STEM I20.

    Telling me that your other employers where updated but we did not issue any I-20 for them. Itís not necessary to have a new I-20 for each new employer. Since they were not printed out, we cannot go backwards and recreate them now.

    Does it cause any problem that not having 2nd and 3rd Employer I20's for STEM Extension and in future as well? If any please give me a reply.

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