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    Regarding Status

    My current STEM-OPT is ending on July 7th 2019., I have applied for day1 CPT at university of cumberlands., if i get a admission from this university and do i have a chance to transfer my sevis to cumberlands in june and maintain status till the classes start in Aug 25th 2019. Am i out of status in this case., please suggest..?

    Thanks in Advance..!

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    Not sure what u trying to do, or what u trying to ask!
    1. You can not continue your OPT ONCE YOU TRANSFERED your sevis to cumberland, once sevis transfered your opt ends! can transfer to university any time but u should mostly start ur classes with in 90-180 days according to immigration but u have to check with ur new school DSO.
    3. You always have 60 days grace period after ur opt end date which is JULY7 according to you u can transfer after after opt end dat, you will be in status until september 5 th approximately 60 days counting..
    3. If you thinking transfer in june and continue ur job on opt It won,t work, and u can not get cpt approved with out sevis transfer you have to wait untill august for start of classes. I think you trying to continue the present job from opt and end it then continue the same job with cpt. But you have to make sure your dates rights during this period for employment, single wrong date will leads to out of status or inquiries in the furture immigration.

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