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Thread: F2 Vissa Rejected with 214 B reason

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    Question F2 Vissa Rejected with 214 B reason

    Hi all,

    I came to USA on June 29 2014 for Masters in Health care, after coming here I have shifted to MSMIS in the same University, (National University, San Diego) and successfully completed my masters and participated in OPT program for 2.10 years, during this period my H1B is not picked up, finally joined Ph.D. in Information technology (university of Cumberlands), one month before the end of OPT period. I am working on CPT now, few days back my wife and 4 years kid appeared for F2 visa interview with all the required documents.

    The following communication is between VO and my wife.

    VO: is your husband studying online ?

    My wife: No, he is studying regular.

    VO: is your husband working ?

    My wife: yes, he is doing job

    VO: you are not eligible for this vis, please go through the reason in the document 214b.

    I want to plan for second visa interview, can you please guide me what needs to be provided to show them that we are not potential immigrants ? ideal time frame to appear for second interview ? Any anticipated interrogative questions and possible answers for the same. I really need advice in this regard, hoping for a reply.
    VO is asking limited questions and not even asking for any further explanation.

    Thank you.
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