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Thread: i765 STEM OPT form mistake- Item 28.a. Degree filled as "Masters"

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    i765 STEM OPT form mistake- Item 28.a. Degree filled as "Masters"

    I sent my STEM OPT form i765 mentioning Item 28.a. Degree as just "Masters" instead of "Masters in Computational Science"

    I have included my Degree copy and i20. My initial OPT has expired and I am waiting for an update on the application. Will this be an issue? How can I correct this?

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    Your question will be reviewed by our moderator. Once reviewed it would be posted on Facebook wall at within 24-72 hours, else we would ask for more information.

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    Your message was posted anonymously on our Facebook wall at on 27th feb 2019 - Please review comments from other users

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