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Thread: work less than 20 hrs during initial OPT

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    Question work less than 20 hrs during initial OPT

    Initial post-completion OPT start: April 2018.

    The total unemployment days by far is 68 days. I had three different non-overlap full-time positions during this OPT period, with one small gap (3 days) and one larger gap (65 days).

    In additional to the aforementioned 3 employments, I had a grader position in my school (relevant to my major) during the bigger gap (with a few weeks overlap with the job before and after the gap). The workload of this job was 8-10 hours per week, on average. I wasn't aware of the definition of part-time under OPT is at least 20 hours when I took the job - my initial intention getting this part-time job was to ease my pressure of <90 days unemployment to be eligible for STEM OPT, Not until I was updating my employment record on SEVP did I realize it is not qualified for reporting on SEVP (

    At that time, I thought it was just a job that cannot be counted towards employment per OPT rules. Meanwhile, I was overwhelmed by school (I wasn't sure whether my advisor will agree my graduation in fall so that I can have diploma to file for STEM OPT) and job interviews to avoid over 90-day employment, so I didn't put much thought about it.

    A few days ago, I received the W2 form for my grader job. Then, I realized I forgot to bring this up to DSO when I was filing my STEM OPT. So now, I had an employment that did not report on SEVP or to DSO, nor did I have it in my STEM OPT application.

    I looked through the reporting rule said by websites from different schools and got very confused. Have I violated any rules for OPT? By far, I can think of two things that I didn't do it correctly, one is part-time job less than 20hr per week, two is did not report on SEVP or discuss with DSO. If that is the case, will my STEM OPT get denied or RFE? Is there anything that I can do now? I'm super concerned now. :(

    Thanks in advance for your time and feedbacks.

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