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Thread: bike accident lawyer

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    bike accident lawyer

    Like everyone my dream was to own an Suzuki AEM Carbon Fiber Hayabusa series bike and I managed someway to grapple one last year. But my happiness didnít last long. My dream bike got crashed with a truck within a month, in and I was seriously injured. Alas! My family had to spend a huge amount for my recovery. And now we are drowning. My dream bike stills this need to be mended. I canít even think of this now. I heard that a bike accident lawyer could help me with this by claiming insurance with that I could mange my hospital bills and get my bike mended soon. Thank You.

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    Please contact Attorney for legal questions. They will be able to assist you in a better way

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    My son met with a bicycle accident last week while he was on his way back home from school. A car which was just in back of him collided with his bicycle while overtaking. He had serious injuries and got his leg fractured. The doctor told us that he had to undergo a surgery. As the amount was too expensive we were very tensed about the situation on what to do as we were not financially sound.When we contacted our family doctor and told about this situation he asked us to approach a bicycle accident injury lawyer. He looked into our situation in detail and solved the issue within a day. Finally we were able to get the surgery done at free of cost and now we are so happy that our son is back to normal. Have you ever consulted a lawyer for such situations? Please do explain about it in detail.

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