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Thread: H4 to F1 COS Approved. Traveled to India. Do I need to go for VISA Interview

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    H4 to F1 COS Approved. Traveled to India. Do I need to go for VISA Interview


    My Wife started MS in January 2018 on H4 VISA and applied for COS to F1 and got approval letter in April 2018. Now she traveled to India by taking winter quarter break. And she has scheduled for a VISA interview appointment on 6th feb 2019. Her school DSO is saying that she don't need to go for an interview since she already got the approval letter for COS from H4 to F1. But as far as i know, she need to go for interview to get the F1 VISA stamped on the passport. Since it is required to be on the passport to reenter USA. Could anyone help me with accurate information whether she need to go for an interview or not.

    Thanks in Advance for your help!
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    yes ,she needs to go to visa interview

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    Yes she must go for visa interview. I was in same situation.

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    She needs to get a F1 stamped.Which school are we talking here ?

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    Hi Rajesh am trying to change my status f2to f1 , please help me. Give the information about process. Plz email me.
    Thanks in advance

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