Hello Everyone,

I am have serious issue. I applied for H1B in 2018 I received a RFE. In which they questioned my Training program & my status- beneficary is engaging in STEM OPT with your organization that is located in different location than DHS records.
They have asked additional information and evidence regarding my STEM Training program provided to me at the Client location.

My parent company is located in different state & I work at client location.

I am on STEM OPT status (valid till next year) and I have submitted my i983 to school and in all my records- i have maintained my location of my parent company instead of Client location. My LCA was filed from my Client location.

My atterony says i have violated the one of the requirements for STEM OPT & asking me to leave the country before 180 days as it will be unlaw pressence . I have spoke to my college DSO they stated me saying you are good and have status (nothing to be worried about and you are not under unlawful presence- as you have valid STEM OPT).

I believe my Atterony and company is worried as it would affect them as the training was not being given to me at the client location.

A sincere request - can someone tell me did I violate any regulation and subjeced to unlawful presence.
What should I do - Should I tell them to revoke my H1B and continue on my STEM OPT (or) provide the additional documnets to the RFE & fight the case.