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Thread: Question about CPT SPING 2019 admission apllication

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    Question about CPT SPING 2019 admission apllication

    I have a question about CPT SPING 2019 admission apllication:
    I am on STEM OPT and good till February 2019 23rd and I am working now for a client through X employer. My situation here is I had to join college which offers day 1 CPT so that I can continue to work after my STEM OPT.
    Knew it is late to apply for SPRING 2019 admissions need information about colleges and deadlines for spring 2019 school adimissions who offer DAY1 CPT ? what are my options now ?
    I want to continue to work and apply for H1b fyscial year 2020.
    Can any one help me out with my situation ?

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    Your message was posted anonymously on our on 29th November - Please review comments from other users

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    Please try with University of Campbellsville --, though they are not active in clarifying your concerns, but if u have active sevis record it is for u to get admission.

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    Westcliff University offers day 1 CPT. Please contact Analy Garcia at for further details and reference Desiopt

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    Please send email to to get more details

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