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Thread: Question regarding STEM Extension

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    Question regarding STEM Extension

    Currently I am in a process of applying for STEM Extension as my initial OPT is ending on JAN 25, 2019. My i20 is generated and I will soon be sending packet to USCIS.
    Post that, I am planning to travel to India in December and return back on 3rd Jan 2019. Also my employer location and client location are different. Would it be advisable to travel when the extension is in process provided that i94 status will change when I re-enter in USA and will not be the same that I send to USCIS during the application process?

    Also, if the answer is yes, which would be my most recent i20 that I should carry, the one with STEM extension request or the one with just post completion i20 as I would to need to request for travel signature on later one.

    Kindly request to advice on the same.

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