Hi everyone,

I had a quick question about how the STEM extension works in relation to your H1B. My OPT expires on the 3rd of September but since I received my H1B approval notice, I believe I fall in the CAP GAP category. My question is, if I lose my job while I'm on my H1B (after 1st October), would it be possible for me to fall back on my STEM extension?

I haven't yet applied for my STEM (I was going to but stopped after getting my H1B approval notice) but someone told me I should do it even though I got my H1B. So if I do now, and it gets approved after Oct. 1st, would I be able to use this as a backup if I lose my job later? Or would the only option be an H1B transfer?

If the STEM does get rejected because of my H1B, I know an H1B transfer would be the only option, but if it does get accepted, then would the STEM be an option at that point of time?

Thank you!