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Thread: My I-20 expires May 2019

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    My I-20 expires May 2019

    Hi, I am a PhD student graduating in Dec 2018 and my visa is expiring in 2019 Jan .. Should I go for May graduation and extend my F-1 visa this december ? or I can finish my PhD on expired visa ? Will I be able to get out of country on valid OPT card? My I-20 expires May 2019.

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    Extend visa and then graduate. Otherwise it will be trouble for travel on opt.

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    The validity of a visa is often misunderstood as an indicator of your ability to be in the country. Your visa only has to be valid at the time that you request entry into the U.S. You can finish your PhD, even if your visa is expired. However, your I-94 (marked D/S for duration of status) and I-20 showing that you are currently enrolled must remain valid the entire time you are in the US. If you travel outside the US during OPT, the employment authorization document will not permit you to reenter the country. In order to get back in, your visa must be current and valid.

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    Your F-1 visa expiration has no bearing on your status. The fact that your visa is expiring only means you can’t travel out of the US and come back after that date unless you get a new visa. If you graduate in December, make sure you apply for OPT on time, and you will remain in valid F-1 status. As long as your I-20 is valid while you are studying and your OPT is valid once your OPT is approved, you remain in status.
    If and when you travel, you will need to apply for a new F-1 visa for your passport before you return.

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