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Thread: Got RFE for initial OPT, Request for additional evidence

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    Got RFE for initial OPT, Request for additional evidence

    Hi, I got RFE for initial OPT, request for additional evidence. asking many things such as address history, and maintenance of status(asking physical presence in class room attested from DSO,syllabus,course work etc. what i have to do? i collected all the documents requested do i need an attorney for this or i such submit all the evidences by myself.

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    Better get an attorney

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    Your message was posted anonymously on our Facebook wall at 11th July - Please review comments from other users

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    Please talk to your DSO, they will guide you on this. Since it is an initial opt.

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    You can discuss it with other people who are in the same situation as yours. Follow this link:

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    There are many of my friends who got into the same issue 2.5 years back.
    They have submitted all the documents mentioned in the RFE notice.
    Everything was fine at the end.

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