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Thread: I am travelling to India on July 26th

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    I am travelling to India on July 26th

    Hi I am travelling to India on July 26th. I am in my second masters and cancelling my CPT this month end. What are the likely situations when I return on Aug 23 through sfo immigration. I am not worried but want to know, if I am denied an entry would there be any red stamp in my passport?

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    Why did you apply for CPT when you are not on project?? Now cancelling CPT will raise doubts in POE officer...I have seen couple of cases where students cancelled CPT and they were grilled for few hours...

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    Do you have valid visa? If yes doesn’t matter. You can re enter without as issues.

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    Its fine just dont panic and stick to only one thing, you are here in Usa for studies not for work

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