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Thread: I-765 form filling with Convicted to Jail. I busted for DUI and plea gulty for reckless driving.

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    Exclamation I-765 form filling with Convicted to Jail. I busted for DUI and plea gulty for reckless driving.

    I was Busted for DUI, spent overnight in Jail, I had the court hearing in March -18 after negotiating DUI I had to convicted for reckless driving, Class-C misdemeanour.I have final court hearing in June-6. I am applying for OPT extension.

    According to the newly revised i-765, there is a column "Have you ever been arrested for and/or convicted of any crime"
    When I went through the instructions of I-765 form I found this. Now according to this

    "Proof of Arrests and Conviction. For initial and renewal applications, you must submit proof of any arrests and/or convictions. If you were ever convicted of a felony or two or more misdemeanors, you cannot be granted employment authorization under this eligibility category. USCIS will make the determination as to whether your crimes fall into either of these categories. You must, however, provide information and any supporting documentation on all crimes which you were convicted of so USCIS can make an appropriate decision.

    NOTE: USCIS may, in its discretion, deny your application if you have been arrested and/or convicted of any crime.

    Provide a certified copy of all arrest reports, court dispositions, sentencing documents, and any other relevant documents. Traffic Violations and Arrests Do not select the “Yes” box for Item Number 19. on the form or submit documentation if you only have had minor traffic violations. Minor traffic violations do NOT include violations that are alcohol- or drug-related. If you were ARRESTED for any traffic offense, select the “Yes” box for Item Number 19.b. on the form and provide arrest and disposition documentation so USCIS can properly assess whether your arrest and/or conviction may impact your employment authorization eligibility.

    NOTE: Provide the conviction and disposition documentation even if your records were sealed, expunged, or otherwise cleared. You must provide the documentation even if anyone, including a judge ,law enforcement officer, or attorney told you that you no longer have a record or that you do not have to disclose the information. Failure to provide the evidence listed above or secondary evidence may result in the delay or denial of your application for employment authorization."

    1) Do I need to Select Yes "Have you ever been arrested for and/or convicted of any crime" for this column ?
    If Yes
    2) Do you want me to submit court documents with it?
    If Yes
    3)I have to provide court dispostion docments, I only have regular court documents states DUI drop down to reckless driving and fines,Courses on it. will USCIS accepts it?
    Note- Fine and Courses are finshed
    4)I have court Hearling on June-6th, should i wait till then and get court documents and apply with more documents?
    Note- My OPT expires on June-30. Applying on deadlines with criminal case is a good move/Prefered ?
    5)My visa has been revoked does it effect my OPT STEM extension?
    6) Finally do i get opt extension? What are the changes?

    Helpful Suggestions are highly Appreciated.
    Thanks in Advance.

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    Hire one immigration attorney before it messes up further.

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    Yes you better to find out a good immigration attorney.

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    Now don’t believe her and find yourself a good attorney.

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    Hey, I would like to know if you got the extension. i'm facing a similar situation and any info would be helpful.

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    Hey, I was the same problem and I get court supervision for 12 months but now I need to renew my EAD I'm here by Asylum, any information about? Did you resolve your problem?


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    Hey, Can you please reply how you have filled the application, iam having a similar issue with a DUI arrest, Do i need to check the box yes for have you been arrested, I am under C3C eligibility category. Thanks.

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