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Thread: OPT STEM Extension under staffing agency -Reg.

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    Hey Asshu, Can you please tell me . Did you respond to the RFE ? Did they approve OPT extension? Any help or advice is highly appreciated. I am in the same situation.

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    Hello harshads. When did you submit your application? Do you know the reason for your RFE yet or still waiting for the letter? Are you working through a staffing company?

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    Deadline for RFE

    How much time do we usually get to respond to STEM Extension RFE?

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    What happened with your case ... you didnt update it in the forum... it would be a great help if you could post all details here.

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    I know this is an old post. But I am exactly in a similar situation. Can you tell if you were approved OPT extension when signed by staffing agency?

    Thank you in advance for the time!

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