‘Indians spend $6-7 billion in foreign varsities annually’

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[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][B][COLOR=#0000cd]Indians spend $6-7 Billion annually in Foreign Education[/COLOR][/B]

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[COLOR=#b22222]Absence of 'quality' higher education[/COLOR] and the country's premier research institutes failing to make to the top 100 global list is forcing Indian students embrace foreign universities. An archival stranglehold over policy stifling any possible innovation is also seen as one of the reasons.

A study by the Tata Institute of Social Sciences and industry body Assocham points out that a [COLOR=#b22222]whopping $6-7 billion, about Rs 45,000 core is being spent by Indian students [/COLOR]going to foreign universities and "only a miniscule number of them choose to return home," the study says.

"While the much touted IITs have an annual enrollment of 10,000-15,000, focused only the brightest of the bright, [COLOR=#b22222]not a single great worldwide patent has emerged, nor have they produced a single Nobel Laureate.[/COLOR] This is despite the government pouring thousands of millions of rupees into their establishment and upkeep," it points out.

Pointing out that India ranks amongst the worse in terms of patents and new start-ups in technology and innovation, the study says: "Even a small nation like Italy or Finland does better than us. We still do not have a single equivalent of a Google, Facebook, Microsoft or Walmart or a Nike"

Assocham Secretary General M S Rawat says: "Though Indian higher education system is the largest in the world in terms of institutions and third largest in terms of enrollment, we lack in innovation and making our youth employable."

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