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  1. Pre Completion OPT

    [FONT=comic sans ms][SIZE=3][B][COLOR=#0000ff][SIZE=5][FONT=comic sans ms][B]Employment allowed while on Pre Completion OPT[/B][/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]

    [SIZE=3][FONT=comic sans ms]OPT/CPT Blast Resume to 2500+ employers
    Pre-completion OPT[/B] is OPT authorized to be engaged in before the studentís program end date. To be eligible for OPT, an F1 student must have been taking a full-course of study for one full academic year in the United States

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  2. Does MIS comes Under STEM?

    [B][SIZE=3][FONT=comic sans ms]Does MIS comes Under STEM?[/FONT][/SIZE][/B][FONT=comic sans ms][SIZE=2]

    For MIS [/SIZE][/FONT] (Management Information System) [FONT=comic sans ms][SIZE=2]degree to be part of STEM depends on how university lists it. It's suggested to check the CIP code of the program and the STEM list to make sure it's included under STEM. Some universities mention it clearly on there websites and some don't. It's always advisable to check with Admissions department ...
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  3. Decision on Green Cards for STEM F1 visa students next week ?

    [SIZE=5]Next week important for immigration reform: John McCain[/SIZE]

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    The next week is crucial for the immigration reform which among other things would give path to citizenship to some 11 million illegal immigrants, a top American Senator has said.

    "We have reason for some optimism that over time that the will of the people will be felt.

  4. USCIS Scam call to Foreign Students regarding OPT

    [FONT=comic sans ms]I'm writing to make you aware of a very sophisticated scam which has surfaced in the eastern United States targeting international students.

    This week, an international student in New York City received a phone call from someone claiming to be from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS/USDHS). The phone number matched the USCIS toll-free number. The caller claimed that on a recent trip abroad, the student had not filled out his I-94 card correctly and ...
  5. "No H1B limit for STEM Graduates" - Do you LIKE this?

    [SIZE=4][B]Commerce secretary pushes immigration reform in Iowa visit[/B][/SIZE]

    She added that the legislation lifts limits on work visas for workers trained in the so-called STEM areas. That stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

    Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker said Midwestern businesses would reap benefits from passage of the immigration reform legislation thatís currently stuck in congressional gridlock.

    Pritzker, who ...
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