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  1. Latest Trends on International Students

    [SIZE=3][FONT=comic sans ms][B][SIZE=4][COLOR=#0000cd]Latest Trends on International Students[/COLOR]

    [FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][SIZE=3][FONT=comic sans ms][SIZE=3][FONT=comic sans ms][SIZE=3][FONT=comic sans ms][B][COLOR=#333333][B]OPT/CPT Blast Resume to 2500+ employers[/B][/COLOR][/B][/FONT][/SIZE][/FONT][/SIZE][/FONT][/SIZE][/SIZE][/FONT][/SIZE]

    The latest SEVIS by the Numbers is available on

    [/B]Using data from the Student and Exchange Visitor ...
  2. Obama's immigration reform: How it benefits Indians in the US

    [FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][B][COLOR=#0000FF]Obama's immigration reform: How it benefits Indians in the US[/COLOR][/B]

    OPT/CPT Blast Resume to 2500+ employers

    On Thursday night, when US president Barack Obama took recourse to executive action to push through a muchanticipated immigration reform plan, there were sighs of relief heard in many pockets in the US that are home to Indian students and skilled workers

    Unsurprisingly, the maximum benefits from US immigration reforms as ...
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  3. High-skilled immigration-Spouses will be able to work

    [COLOR=#0000ff][FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][B]High-skilled immigration- [/B][/SIZE][/FONT][B]Spouses will be able to work[/B][/COLOR][FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3]
    OPT/CPT Blast Resume to 2500+ employers

    President Obama gave more than a nod to the tech community in his highly anticipated speech on immigration Thursday evening.

    As expected, the bulk of the address was related to unauthorized immigrants. But he promised to make it "easier and faster" for high-skilled ...
  4. President Outlines Immigratio Plan - OPT Students

    [FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][COLOR="#0000FF"][B]President Outlines Immigratio Plan - OPT Students[/B][/COLOR]

    OPT/CPT Blast Resume to 2500+ employers

    Tonight, President Barack Obama provided an overview of his plan for using his executive power to address various immigration-related concerns. The President will be providing undocumented foreign nationals who have been in the United States for at least five years and who meet certain additional requirements ...

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  5. International Students And Social Security Numbers

    [FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][COLOR=#0000CD]OPT/CPT Blast Resume to 2500+ employers [/COLOR]

    [SIZE=4][B]What is Social Security Number?[/B][/SIZE]

    [SIZE=3][FONT=comic sans ms]Are you temporarily in the United States to attend a college, language, vocational or non academic school with a non immigrant [B]F-1[/B] , [B]M-1[/B] or [B]J-1[/B] student classification? Your school may ask you for your Social Security number.
    Some colleges and schools use Social Security numbers ...

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