View Full Version : H4 to F1 Visa Stamping Denial Chances?

04-22-2013, 08:23 AM
I was on H4 recently I changed my status to F1. I am going to india next month, i have to go for stamping. what are the chances of my visa getting denied? and what are the questions they may ask me ? please help me with this. I Will be completing my second semester when I am in india..

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04-22-2013, 08:24 AM
For me, it was more like an F1 interview only. They asked for my GRE and TOEFL scores, about my course, information about my spouse, etc. I went for stamping in Chennai. I have heard some friends of mine, who have done this stamping too. They got it too.

04-22-2013, 08:25 AM
Hi, I have a question regarding your cos. How long did it take to convert your visa status from H4 to F1?

04-22-2013, 08:25 AM
Pls be careful. It is just a caution.My friend got denied the visa. she again has to convert to H4 from F1 and returned to US. To consulate, reasons must be accurate and genuine about why you converted from H4 to F1. My friend went for stamping to HYD.

04-22-2013, 08:26 AM
Anyone who did not go to their home country, but went elsewhere (for a holiday, visiting frds etc.. But not home country!)
Any experiences on that?
I'm also changing my status from H4 to F1 but might hv to visit frds in Mexico. Wondering if I'd be denied stamping..

04-22-2013, 08:30 AM
I would suggest going to the home country for ur visa stamping as it wud be safer to be in home country if denied a visa.Also I went to chennai for my stamping, if u have ur finances and the official scores rite I dont see any chances of denying a visa .good luck

07-09-2014, 11:00 AM
Hey friends, I do have a question , can u help me with an answer.
I'm doing my master currently on H4, and applied for change of status here and waiting for approval. Hopefully after my approval ,

1. should I need to get F1 stamping before I graduate, I will be graduating on May 2015 ? or Can I be here until I complete my OPT?
2. Can I visit Canada for stamping ?? Is it easy if I go there than going to India?
3. If In case I need to go for stamping before graduation , I can go there in December during my winter break , but by that time , My H4 expires (on Nov 2014), thinking about the worst case , Do I need to face any hard time with F1 denials or due to H4 Expiry ?
4. What reason is most accepted when the VO ask why are you converting from H4 to F1 ??

Awaiting for your reply. Help me

06-03-2015, 05:04 PM
Hi friends..Im on H4 now..I have applied for masters with sullivan university and got I20..I want to go to India for F1 Stamping with I20 given by Sullivan..What is the risk involved in it? Please let me know what can be done...

06-26-2015, 04:21 AM
Hi, I have a question regarding your cos.....

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07-01-2015, 04:48 PM
hi Can you provide me all the info regarding admission into Sullivan University ?

08-11-2015, 08:05 PM
Hi, I am on H4 and I applied for COS H4 to F1 but its been over 5 months and no answer so I am planning to go to India and get it stamped there. Since its last minute, I might have to change consulate depending on the dates availability. Can I do that? If yes, is there any risk? Also, how to edit the consulate in DS160? The form automatically takes the district Consulate in which I fall according to my address(Mumbai in my case) and I see that Mumbai has a wait time of 17 days for taking an appointment. However, Kolkata has only 2 days. I havent submitted my form yet but I dont know how to edit the consulate if the wait time doesnt change. Please help! Thanks a lot in advance.

12-05-2015, 12:19 PM
Would u plz tell me what was the outcome and how did it go

11-17-2016, 07:05 AM
I would like to take spring 2018. When should I apply for Visa. I am an Indian. Is there any problem with applying my US Visa? What are the requirements of applying US Visa?