View Full Version : Travel on CPT, OPT Processing?

10-17-2013, 06:01 AM
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Hi,I have question regarding international traveling. I'm joining IBM US on 11th Nov. on CPT.I have filed for CPT starting from 11th November till 26th December and OPT starting from 27th December.

-Will there be any issue in traveling from 20th October to 5th November to India.
-Are there 1% chances that I could get stuck at port of entry ? Thanks.

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10-17-2013, 06:01 AM
Before travelling you should discuss this with your employer
You need valid passport and Visa
I20 most recent one
Letter from your employer
You are good to go then

10-17-2013, 06:02 AM
You discuss with your international students office and your employer both.

10-17-2013, 06:03 AM
no issues .. since u r coming back in nov5(before graduation ) u dont need mention u r employment to the officer unless he ask about it .. it will confuses him ..PM me if u need detailed explanation..