View Full Version : RFE regarding CPT

08-13-2013, 05:26 PM

I received RFE on my OPT Extension and have couple of questions to ask you guys.Please take some time to answer them.Your help is greatly appreciated.

Question 1 : I did unpaid internship during my first CPT and my employer gave me the voluntary letter.Is this letter sufficient or do I also need to send them the timesheets or any other docs ?

Question 2 : My university issued me the payment receipts and the address on all my receipts is the most recent address they had on my record.I stayed at one address during my first 2 semesters and at a different address during last two semesters.When I requested payment receipts,my university generated all the semesterís receipts on my second address.Is this fine OR do I need to have my 1st address on first two semesterís receipt and 2nd address on last two semesterís receipts ?

Question 3 : I am also asked to prove that CPT was an integral part of the program.I have prepared a letter explaining why CPT was required for me.Do I also have to request my universityís DSO to provide me a letter for supporting this statement ?

question 4 : I worked for two clients of my employer during my OPT.So just a letter from my employer stating that I worked for two his clients is sufficient or do I need any additional docs ?

Thanks for your time and effort.