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  1. Advisor Denied Major Change, Need help.
  2. Obama pushes immigration reform deadline as Congress signals progress
  3. Avoid 3 Mistakes New International Students Make
  4. OPT-->H1B Denied, Please help me.. My career is on the line here.
  5. Can I do total 4 credit in my last semester (instead of 8 or 9 required in last semes
  6. Applied F2 Visa for my Wife, how long does it take to get receipt number?
  7. Masters Degree with Thesis or without thesis, which is valuable ?
  8. If current employer fires me, how to inform USCIS ?
  9. DesiOPT.com has sponsored and celebrated various events in March 2013. We believe the
  10. Telephonic Career & Immigration Session Scheduled on SAT March 23rd at 9 PM EST
  11. Some one created a Fake Profile of DesiOPT.com as "DesiOpt NewJersey" - Please don't
  12. Good News for F1 Visa Students
  13. Imagine getting multiple Job offers. How would it feel?
  14. Does finding a Job depends on University Or career field we choose, like Information
  15. Free Tax Advice and Discounted Tax Filing
  16. Is the FE exam or PE exam of any use in getting better jobs or internships?? Question
  17. Final Remainder - Telephonic Career & Immigration Session today SAT March 23rd at 9 P
  18. Most consulting companies, want to keep you bound to some contract. How easy or diffi
  19. What if I apply for OPT and don't Graduate? Question from one of our reader, please s
  20. Junior QA Analyst with Ness Technologies (NASDAQ Traded)
  21. Undergrad Not Accredited by ABET- Eligibility for FE exam?
  22. Poultry Scientists Get Green Cards, MBAs Get the Boot
  23. Advantages and Immigration benefits of STEM courses over Non STEM courses
  24. IT Jobs prospects for Metallurgical Engineering Major
  25. Applying for Graduate Assistantship- Need help with Purpose of Graduate study and Pro
  26. Rumor: Need Visa, if you transferred to another university, is this True?
  27. I-20 Expires June 15th, Entering USA on June 1st, Is it safe to Travel?
  28. How can I find finance jobs posted on DesiOPT.com website?
  29. Canada --> USA. I am in total dilemma about my future.
  30. Network Test Engineer - Mobility/ LTE Job Opportunities from Ness You can apply onli
  31. Mechanical --> Computers. I am confused.
  32. Can I pay the last semester Tuition Fee after getting a Job?
  33. PhD-->Masters-->PhD, Is it safe to Travel?
  34. Relocating to Philadelphia to stay with my wife, How to find a Consultancy ?
  35. Two Full Time Positions from Cognizant
  36. Transferred to different University, Is Travelling Safer?
  37. Is DesiOPT.com only for IT Companies or Do you have Pharma companies to sponsor?
  38. Got a Job, what to do next?
  39. Like this post to support the idea of passing OPT STEM Immigration bill before compre
  40. How are Job Prospects for Mechanical Engineers?
  41. Need Your Feedback, Do you think it is fair to ask people who ask us to post their qu
  42. Two Full Time Positions with Pacific Beach Hotel at California. Positions are open
  43. I am 2012 fall student. I am issued with my visa only for 2 years. If i want to exten
  44. Inviting Parents for Graduation
  45. Hi I am a graduate student with Mechanical and Aerospace engineering as my major. I w
  46. Is there any problem if I graduate in summer 2013 ? Do I waste 9 months?
  47. I have applied my opt on nov 27th..i dint get yet.Still intial review..do we need to
  48. Can I go to some other employer and stay with the same client?
  49. I came to india for my marriage and I am on my F1 status .... 1)can i take my wife
  50. If we apply for Federal Tax Returns we can get $1000 refund, is this true?
  51. What deductions can i claim on my tax witholdings ?
  52. Doing MBA, Which is better Management side or Technology side?
  53. Am I qualified for Green Card EB2 5 Year Requirement ?
  54. My job search experience avoid this mistake
  55. Can you apply for SSN using I20?
  56. Can you let me know good and economical attorney in New York City ?
  57. Do I need to include date of birth, nationality in the resume?
  58. If an employer is E-verified, does that mean it is a good company?
  59. I want to do MS in UK, how are the Job opportunity in UK ?
  60. I am doing masters in mechanical engineering and looking for summer co-op...I have
  61. Do you think my OPT STEM extension would be approved without my degree. Are there any
  62. My GPA is messed up (below 3) how to get summer 2013 internship?
  63. Is it okay to join consultancy if I don't find full time Opportunity?
  64. Is it safe to travel with only one credit left? Planning to book tickets ASAP.
  65. Summary of New Immigration Bill, Below is relevant to skilled labor
  66. How many days can you stay after graduation if your I20 expires immediately?
  67. Planning for higher education in USA but which college/major?
  68. I would like to thank DesiOPT.com for sharing valuable information and experiences.
  69. Starting a business with a Citizen, How does this effect me?
  70. Clinical SAS versus Healthcare Business Analyst ? Which career to choose?
  71. Career prospects in Fiber Optics
  72. Which career to choose-SAS clinical Programmer or Validation Engineer
  73. Hi i am Janki. recently graduated with major in Biotechnology. I am looking for emplo
  74. Good News ! - House is poised to pass STEM Immigration Bill
  75. House bill to increase high-tech visas defeated
  76. Bill to Keep Graduates in U.S. Fails in the House
  77. Senate group resolves key issues on immigration reform: lawmakers
  78. Can I file H4 visa for my 13 year old Brother?
  79. I am joining consulting company. How can I verify employer? What should I look for?
  80. Spring 2013 student-If I get job offer, How can I work? Any other Option.
  81. I just want to know if I can be issued social security number for an unpaid internshi
  82. Starting a business with a Citizen, How does this effect me?
  83. Fall 2012 Student- Should I file Taxes?
  84. When is the best time to graduate December or May?
  85. Can I work Full Time and have GTA for Summer semester?
  86. Good News-Immigration Reform bill may be introduced as early as Thursday
  87. International Student Starting Business
  88. Talk on Immigration Delayed
  89. Can I Work in different Major?
  90. How are you filing Taxes this year?
  91. Cap-Gap Extension Proof
  92. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg launched organization 'Fwd.us'- To advocate for immigrat
  93. Tax Question
  94. Draft of immigration bill to provide quick Green Cards to students could be out next
  95. Electrical Engineering --> IT. Which IT Course is in boom right now
  96. Hello I have small question. Is engineering management comes under STEM? Thank you
  97. Immigration bill boosts Green Card for foreign employees
  98. Surname Missing in Passport
  99. Hearing on Comprehensive Immigration Reform Legislation- Postponed
  100. No On-Campus Job:How to Get SSN?
  101. Who can sign Educational Loan?
  102. Thank you so much for your services! This page is a great great idea. Above is the
  103. Full Text of Immigration reform Bill- 844 pages long introduced
  104. Advanced Degree + Normal Processing: Got receipt through mail
  105. Employer wants these documents
  106. Lost my Job-Should I Inform USCIS?
  107. Got EAD card- What if I don't complete my Masters?
  108. I am not working-Risks in F-2 visa denial for my Spouse? Need suggestions
  109. Am I selected in the Lottery?
  110. SEVIS Data error- Can I travel?
  111. Any updates on immigration bill and specially with respect to H1? Does it going to im
  112. Career prospects in Engineering Technology vs. IT?
  113. Any Issues for starting co-op early?
  114. I never updated my address on I765- Got this case update
  115. Job market for Pharmacovigilance, clinical data management and Validation
  116. Do I need to write gre and toefl as i already got a masters from UK ?
  117. How to find out whether my employer is an e-verified ?
  118. Problem with Renewing my License
  119. Phd Interview Outside US- Is it risky to travel?
  120. Do you like the idea of exclusive F1 Visa Forum to exchange ideas and share experienc
  121. Received RFE- Passport photo issue
  122. Travel RISK during 1st semester of Second Masters
  123. Not so good news for STEM graduates
  124. Can anyone travel to india with a pending medical bill? The bill amount has not been
  125. Order “Effective-Immediately"- Check foreign students visas at airports and border cr
  126. Updates on Immigration Bill- Scheduled for consideration next week
  127. Sevis was about to get terminated due to some fraud alert. I'm scared as hell already
  128. Which Port of Entry is safe to re-enter
  129. Change of Status-SHARE your Stamping Experience
  130. Do they ask for financial Proof at Port of Entry?
  131. USCIS Review- How long does it Take?
  132. I Have offer letter- Can I travel?
  133. Here is an update on Immigration Reform Bill
  134. SEVIS FEE/I-901 fee Chargeback notice- NEED HELP
  135. After Graduation, I feel (pick one below)
  136. DesiOPT.com is calling all our fans to report "DesiOPT NewJersey" as the fake DesiOPT
  137. How is the port of entry at washington (IAD)?
  138. Green Cards may soon be awarded on Merit (Masters/PhD holders), not luck (No Green Ca
  139. Immigration Reform debate- Committee plans to complete debate on visas on Thursday
  140. Microsoft is Hiring Entry Level and Experienced Job Seekers
  141. Microsoft is Hiring Entry Level and Experienced Job Seekers
  142. I am trying to get my driver's learning permit in the state of Indiana. I am an India
  143. Travelling while on Academic Probation
  144. My Company is sponsoring Green Card this year, can my wife work this year itself?
  145. How long does it usually take for USCIS to encash a cheque after it is recieved
  146. Im just wondering as to know how many hours can we work for a internship with a cours
  147. Positive News: Senate Panel Approves Immigration Bill
  148. Immigration lawyers in the Bay Area
  149. In a major step forward, Democrats and Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee
  150. H1 Transfer- Query
  151. Good News: New bill 55000 Green Cards Foreign Graduates of U.S. universities
  152. Best technology to learn
  153. VERTICA tool Information
  154. Received my I-20 but First Name is Incorrect, Will it be an issue?
  155. Thesis or Non-Thesis, Do it matter for finding a job ? Pls help me making a decision
  156. I wish to take my parents along with me when i attend college this Fall 2013.. i have
  157. Name Spelled Incorrectly on EAD Card. Can I work with copy of my OLD EAD card?
  158. Microsoft is Hiring Entry Level & Experienced Job Seekers
  159. Should I join Low Profile School instead of Good School- Would it effect getting good
  160. My company sponsors J1 Visa, Not H1. Which Visa status is better?
  161. Quitting Internship in middle for a Full time job. Does it create any problem?
  162. Transferred University in First Semester. Do I have to go through Visa Interview agai
  163. Date of Birth on Receipt was Incorrect- What would happen?
  164. Chemistry Major --> Information Technology Jobs, What tools?
  165. Training Options in New York/ New Jersey
  166. MBA with concentration in MIS- What would be the career prospects?
  167. Please congratulate the reader- He returned back to US without any issues (Traveled a
  168. What are some factors that I need to be aware of on my travel plans F-1 OPT?
  169. USA Work Study Program- Please share your experience
  170. Visa approved for ESL Studies- I-20 and Stamping question
  171. Didn't fill I-94 Arrival/Departure form? Have rules changed.
  172. Course Withdrawal
  173. Microsoft is Hiring Entry Level & Experienced Job Seekers
  174. Hi,How many days will it take to receive my card once my status has been changed to C
  175. On Academic Probation: Should I move to another University or Stay in same university
  176. Can I travel after graduation, without Job offer? My I-20 expires after graduation.
  177. Need Your Feedback, Do you think it is useful to post our messages via Twitter? Yes o
  178. Need help! My friend's father needs liver transplanted.
  179. DMV could not locate I-94 departure record. How to resolve it?
  180. How to make sure that my Job and studies are in sync?
  181. GPA less that 3.0. Would it be an issue while travelling?
  182. Lost Degree certificate- Is this required for travelling?
  183. is JFK a good port of entry?
  184. Does Typo on the Air Ticket matter ? or I need to pay $500+
  185. Positive News: Senate passage of Immigration Bill on Track
  186. Free Immigration Advice from Attorneys - Is this useful ? Yes or No?
  187. I am planning to take Education Loan from US- Will this effect visa re-stamping? Woul
  188. Great News ! Green Cards for Graduates/Phd
  189. Which Port of Entries to Avoid
  190. How to post your question on DesiOPT.com Facebook Page?
  191. Do we need to carry our passport and I20 where ever we travel in United States?
  192. This might be the last post you will receive from us, if you don't do below step
  193. Currently registered for Summer and doing On-Campus job- Would I be able to work more
  194. How will be career growth for CLINICAL SAS?
  195. What do you wish for in 3-6 months ? Pick one below
  196. Do I have to take authorization for UNPAID internship/co-op from ISSO?
  197. Graduates/Phd will have direct access to Green Cards
  198. I am planning to go back to India in 10 years. Is it better to have Pre tax 401K or R
  199. What do they ask in background check?
  200. Will my GPA affect chances of getting a job?
  201. Lincoln University- What are the chances for Visa approval?
  202. Graduate schools with Low Tuition Fee- Please recommend
  203. As DesiOPT.com was started by former International students,
  204. Friendly reminder to review below Disclaimer and Posting rules on our page http://fac
  205. Regarding green card approval
  206. Do I need to attend one semester to transfer to another University?
  207. Master’s Graduates/Phd Exempt from Annual Caps on Green Cards
  208. As DesiOPT.com was started by former International students
  209. urgent please help me guys
  210. Say "Thank You" or Like this post to recognize
  211. Urgent Accomadation required at troy university!
  212. Getting this message on I-94 website:
  213. Need your feedback
  214. Can I apply visa for my cousin sister to attend my graduation
  215. OPT/CPT students can blast resume to 2500+ consulting &
  216. F2 Visa: Case is in Admin process 221g. What is the usual wait time?
  217. Damaged my passport and visa: Process of getting visa stamped on my new passport?
  218. Travelling outside USA during the last semester. Is it advisable?
  219. On-Campus Work
  220. How do you define Success? Pick one from below
  221. Is getting into an accident is a crime?
  222. How can I transfer University without any legal issues of my status?
  223. Get $500 towards your college Tuition Fee
  224. New E-Verify Enhancement: TNC Email notification to employees at the same time it not
  225. Reviews-University of Michigan,Flint? Should I continue or transfer?
  226. Help needed!
  227. Faster Green Cards to Graduates Immigration bill is not dead
  228. Do you want Congress to Pass Immigration
  229. Does Car Accident effects Employment verification?
  230. What is your dream job ? More Money or More Satisfaction ?
  231. When filed for MTR is status legal? can one stay as long as decision is made ?
  232. I-140 approved in F1- OPT. Is it legal to apply GC in F1 status?
  233. Port of Entry
  234. Travelling during last semester. Will there be Immigration issues?
  235. J1 Visa Expired. Going to India for Marriage
  236. Changed from State University to Small university. Is it Risky to travel?
  237. Recently I heard that for MIS program, STEM extension has been removed.
  238. Coming Up Next - 55k Green Cards to Graduates/180K H1Bs ?
  239. Companies increasing sponsorship of Green cards, Good News ?
  240. J1 Visa going to expire-Which Visa can I switch to?
  241. Quicker Green Card Sponsorship by Companies, Good News ?
  242. E Verify
  243. ABET accreditation
  244. Cosultancy Companies
  245. Which University is good and do they offer on-campus jobs?
  246. J1 Visa Expired. Going to India for Marriage
  247. F1 visa expired, return to US with tourist visa
  248. Lost my job- I have no idea about my status
  249. Damaged my passport and visa. Does anyone know the process of getting visa stamped
  250. How long does Data fix takes? Is there anything I can submit to my company