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  3. Can F1 student Intern with MNC companies?
  4. F1 Student coming this summer for Masters. Transferring to other university due to
  5. Can I work 40 hours per week on F1 Visa with approval?
  6. Can I start my own company on F1 Visa?
  7. Can a student on F1 visa earn interest on savings account ??Is it legal ??
  8. I know these questions are not related to the OPT but I can see that many students
  9. H4 Visa --> F1 Visa Stamping, Is it safe?
  10. Is it safe to travel to home country multiple times on F1 visa?
  11. My F1 visa expired, Travel outside of USA
  12. Converting from L1 Visa to F1 Visa- I Have 30 days time.
  13. I am really tense about my situation right now,I am International undergraduate
  14. My F1 Visa and OPT expires prior to H1B receipt - Can I Still Work?
  15. B1/B2 -> F1 Visa
  16. Travelling on F1 Visa-Confused?
  17. F1 Visa Student USCIS scam- This student lost $1600...
  18. Got Married on F1 Visa, Wife dependent visa chances ?
  19. Lost passport, F1 visa stamping rejection chances?
  20. H4 to F1 Visa Stamping Denial Chances?
  21. Documents required for leaving and Re-entry in F-1 Status
  22. Entry on F1
  23. F1 Visa Stamping on New Passport - India or Canada?
  24. Must Travel after expiry of F1 Visa, How to come back to US with out any issues ?
  25. New Security procedures for F1 visa students Travelling?
  26. Visitor Visa --> F1 Visa
  27. Given Name Mismatch between I-20 and Passport
  28. Regd: Visa for Parents to Accompany F-1 Student to the U.S.
  29. Toughest part of being on F1 Visa is (Pick one below)
  30. Regarding Post MS jobs
  31. Best part of being on F1 Visa is (Pick one below)
  32. India trip
  33. Do you like this F1 visa community ? So far, This community has helped 1000+ OPT/CPT
  34. Change of status from H4 to F1
  35. I got my F1 visa approved for 2 years only, can we extend the visa duration ??
  36. Which Universities allow CPT from Day 1 in and around Seattle,WA
  37. List of documents for F1 Stamping
  38. Enrolled 6 Credits, Will it effect my F1 visa ?
  39. 3 courses per semester or 18 credits per year for F1 Visa maintenance ?
  40. Money Transactions Verification at Port of Entry on F1 Visa ?
  41. Career Advice?!!
  42. Can I discontinue school on F1 Visa or should I change status to F2?
  43. Can I work for more than 40 Hours in Summer?
  44. Is it possible to do two jobs in Summer Time- On Campus and Off Campus?
  45. International student persuing premed..
  46. COS H4 to F1 pending and Program start date is Pending.
  47. scholarship & internships...
  48. F1 Expired. Going to India for Renewal
  49. Need your feedback
  50. Change of Status from H4 to F1 - Would there be issues in F1 conversion?
  51. List of univ. which allows students to pursue MS without writing GRE & TOEFL in WA st
  52. Completed OPT, Back to India.. wishing to re-enter USA in H4 visa.. Help Please!
  53. Change of status from H-4 to F-1:
  54. Currently on H4, need information regarding f-1
  55. Does a course repeat on transcript affect chances of getting a job?
  56. Can I convert from M1 status to F1 or H1?
  57. Changed from B1 to F1-"No valid Visa"on Passport.Can I go for F1 stamping to re-enter
  58. H4 to F1 while I was in US.. need to travel to India
  59. Maintaining legal status
  60. What are the chances of me getting the OPT and do I need to country out?
  61. Planning another Master Degree- F1 Visa
  62. Visiting India in last semester.
  63. Change of program major
  64. F1 status expired, want to come back with tourist visa. Need your advice!!
  65. Name error in I-94
  66. H1 to F1 Visa- What are the chances of approval ?
  67. F1 visa Approved ...deferring admission ..can we use same visa
  68. Universities in Illinois that offer Healthcare related courses
  69. RFE solution in H4 to F1 COS
  70. ELIS portion left incompleted.
  71. F-1 visa validity in case of medical leave
  72. Process of changing Masters from Health Administration to Managing Information Techno
  73. Error in cilling I-134.
  74. F1 VISA expiring
  75. H4 to F1 query...
  76. Can I visit Canada on F1 visa for a couple of days?
  77. how to get f1 visa.?
  78. F1 Visa Student-Lost my Passport. Please suggest me the process.
  79. Can I invite my parents for this my reception ceremony in USA? If yes, how can I do t
  80. Deferring admission due to 221g, will I need new F1?
  81. Want Green Cards for F1 Visa STEM Students ?
  82. Community college/University recommendations near Dallas area
  83. Passport with F1 visa lost. Help needed.
  84. STEM extension denied, OPT expired 3months back
  85. need a better university with no prerequisites for transfer
  86. H4 to F1 visa
  87. Out of Status and Country- Can I join another school with existing F1 Visa or should
  88. transfering to wilmington university
  89. Post Graduation F1-OPT 90 day extension: Volunteer Work
  90. Second Masters Degree
  91. Hi! What documents do I need to re enter the US?
  92. Studying with expired F1 Visa
  93. F1 visa students have many difficulties. Stay Healthy to handle them
  94. How do I know if my employment is directly related to my Major?
  95. F2 visa for my wife-My F1 Visa Expired: Share your Visa experienc
  96. Got F1 Visa --> Fly to USA -->
  97. Need $100/day for Tuition Fee & Living Expense
  98. Reentry to USA with valid F1 VISA
  99. How to convert F1 to H1B without completing course
  100. F2 to F1 Visa Process suggestion Needed
  101. F1 with second masters -Visa chances?
  102. Wife on H4 visa, need the university options on F1
  103. H4-F1 Visa Interview Questions?
  104. h4 to f1 transfer
  105. Checkout F1 Visa Events at http://bit.ly/15lowzv
  106. Studying on F1 visa is more stressful than home country because
  107. L1 to F1 conversion
  108. H4 to F1 Conversion
  109. B2 to F1
  110. University of Mary Hardin Baylor !!
  111. PhD vs Consultancy
  112. Texas State University–San Marcos
  113. Options after OPT completion. H1B or J1 Visa?
  114. F1 Visa Extension and complications for Undergraduate studies.
  115. MIS or University shifting?
  116. Tax Form
  117. Major Change in same univ after got visa from India
  118. Can I invest in Shares while on OPT (F-1 VISA).?
  119. visa expiration
  120. Documents required for Change of Visa status from H4 to F1
  121. Information Regarding Private universities to apply for masters in US in Civil Eng
  122. Traveling to india (change of status from B1/B1 to F1 in USA
  123. Looking for Universities which provide CPT from Day1
  124. change of university
  125. regarding opt filing
  126. cancellation of i 20
  127. Dismissed from University,how to mention F1 status?
  128. When to apply for f1 visa
  129. change of university
  130. Pharmacy to computer Science
  131. Dismissed from University, got a new admission. SEVIS TRANSFER?
  132. Applying for f1 visa
  133. Taking a semester off-F1 Status
  134. I-94 removed at Mumbai Airport
  135. Travelling India for 3weeks in the middle of last semester
  136. Want to changeUniv
  137. Professors are Targeting me- How to convert to H1B or OPT?
  138. Student visa - Reentry
  139. Currently H1B, In process to join GradSchool (MS) on F1
  140. B1B2 conversion n to F1
  141. pleae help me out guys
  142. suspended from university
  143. Visa Expiring
  144. My husband is comming on H4 & want to study COS to F1
  145. Obamacare Insurance Mandatory for F1 OPT Students?
  146. Renewal of F1 visa
  147. F-1 Visa Renewal / New F-1 Visa (OPT involved)
  148. Travelling on OPT without F1 visa stamping
  149. I-20 Cancellation issue
  150. hi can i apply student visa from newzealand embassy ..i am from india studying in nz
  151. H1 job offer while on F1
  152. F1 visa expired
  153. Pls help me !!
  154. Student Rentry - University Transfer
  155. Transfer
  156. F2 Visa
  157. Regarding F1 Visa extension
  158. Career Guidance
  159. Need urgent advice! Travelling to India while waiting for a university admit !
  160. Travelling while on OPT extension with a damaged Visa/Passport
  161. Change in SEVIS Number
  162. Please Advise me---regarding sevis termination and reentry
  163. Documents for Inviting Parents
  164. University Transfer
  165. F1 for second masters degree in medical field
  166. Automatic revalidation visa urgent
  167. Academic Disqualification. Need immediate advice.
  168. Consultancy Services in Missouri
  169. Query regarding H4 to F1 conversion
  170. Change of status
  171. F-1 Visa Application on OPT extension and H1B pending
  172. H1 and F1 filings in the same period
  173. F1 Transfer Without Affecting Status. Need Info.
  174. I20 terminate
  175. COS from H1B to F1, while H1Extension is in progress
  176. Re entering USA
  177. F1 visa stamping in Canada
  178. Re applying F1 Visa
  179. Change of school
  180. H4 to f1 conversion
  181. F1 status change
  182. New visa stamp while in OPT/extended graduation
  183. Change of status
  184. Change from F1 to H1 and previously on L1B
  185. Re entry , out of US for 8 months , SEVIS active
  186. h4 to F1 conversion with a H1b rejection in between.will it affect my f1 visa stampin
  187. F1 & H1b visa in processing query
  188. Going back to F1 from OPT (Stem Extension)
  189. RFE on H4 to F1 : Financial evidence needed
  190. Port of entry
  191. Mba or msa without gmat
  192. Re: Family Emergency: How to re-enter USA after SEVIS termination.
  193. H4 to F1 visa stamping in canada
  194. Transfer during First quarter
  195. Can I Reenter with a valid visa from Undergrad for my masters?
  196. travelling outside US for 95 days while on F1 visa
  197. Can I extend my sevis date
  198. List of universities that offer masters in computer science at Los Angles
  199. University Transfer Before First Semester.
  200. F1 Visa interview - 221(g) green slip received at mumbai consulate
  201. F1 visa working off campus no CPT or OPT
  202. How to get free immigration attorney consultation
  203. program completed. reenter to US with new sevis I 20 and valid F-1 after lil break
  204. I 94 Correction
  205. Travelling for pilgrimage on OPT Extension
  206. Can I travel Us with my Same Visa but An I20 of different Sevis No.?
  207. Visiting Mexico on F1 Visa (OPT)..
  208. Help regarding expulsion and transfer to new school
  209. harrisburg university
  210. H4 - F1-OPT Stamping
  211. F1 Stamping In canada While on OPT
  212. Insurance for F-1 students
  213. F1 and OPT training
  214. F1 Visa and OPT expiring, Can I extend my stay with new i20 from a community college?
  215. Query regarding H4 to F1 conversion
  216. H4 to F1 conversion with 1 year program/certification
  217. Inquiry regarding Transfer between different universities ?
  218. Is it necessary to pay fee when trasferring to another college?
  219. my gf f1 visa and i want to apply for a spouse visa
  220. F1 Visa Expired and Stem OPT Expiring in Nov: Any info about 60 day grace period ?
  221. Pls suggest colleges/universities that admit students mid of the semester
  222. F1 Visa out of status : How to get free indian attorney for court hearing
  223. F2 to H4 change
  224. Regarding F1 Visa
  225. Need help with Universities in & around Michigan
  226. Change of Status H4 to F1 delayed - OPT eligibility ???
  227. COS H4 to F1 no response yet.. Please help
  228. Damaged f1 visa
  229. Want to travel India after getting an admission
  230. Sevis Fee Validity
  231. Unexpected SEVIS termination - Requesting your valuable advises
  232. Day 1 CPT schools in Midwest and central US
  233. Travelling to India with expired visa while on Second Masters from KSI
  234. H4 to F1 denial decision
  235. F1 Visa and I20
  236. Travel on expired F2 visa
  237. Renewal of F1 visa
  238. How to change university ?
  239. Want to go to india after finishing coursework
  240. Traveling on the last day of OPT
  241. sevis terminated
  242. Re-enter on F2 Visa
  243. Urgent B1 to F1 stamping question
  244. F-1 Renewal Under STEM Extension/DS-160
  245. Taxes in F1 and Selective services Letter
  246. ticketed for selling cigarettes to underage while on f1.
  247. Internship interview while studying on H4 visa- Need advice
  248. Working online as part time while on F-1. Is it legal?
  249. student visa
  250. How to extend F1 Visa?