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  1. Wichita State University
  2. Renewing F1 visa after OPT
  3. How to postpond the admission dates while the COS has been already submitted ?
  4. Missing Arrival Information in I94
  5. COS while H-4 visa expiring in August
  6. Consultancy not giving letter of experience, any chance of F1 OPT RFE after second masters?
  7. OPT travel and F-1 Expiring
  8. H4 to F1 Visa Stamping in Canada
  9. Transferring SEVIS in semester break
  10. Urgent: F1 student attacked by black American, Help
  11. Initial Opt Expiring very soon please suggest me an employer who is willing to sign on I-983 please.
  12. Possible F-1 issues stamping
  13. Cancelled f1 status
  14. Visa for 2nd masters
  15. Need quick admission Schools starting in October
  16. Letter from Social Security
  17. Got laid off when OPT STEM Extension application is pending. Considering travel to India. Can I re-enter the US?
  18. Company sponsoring your Masters degree
  19. Deported From Chicago Airport /Opt Student
  20. Please help-- Planning to Travel to India in the middle of the last semester
  21. L1toF1 and then H1
  22. New F1 Visa stamping after losing passport
  23. University does not offer medical insurance
  24. H4 to F1 Visa stamping in canada before school start date
  25. Visitor Visa To F2
  26. I20 Expiry and reenter option
  27. Passport(India) got washed out which has the F1 stamping
  28. SEVIS terminated
  29. SAVE case check database
  30. Deported from Chicago port of Entry
  31. Re-Applying for F1 Visa after losing passport- List of documents required
  32. F-1 VISA Extension or Renewal - Masters Completed Currently on OPT and Employed
  33. Education loan for F-1 visa holders
  34. India Travel
  35. [URGENT] Travel on OPT with visa expiring in 2 months
  36. Unused F-1 visa
  37. F1 to H4 applied and attending college
  38. unnj-reinstatement
  39. SEVIS Record Update - After change of visa from H4 to F1
  40. Health insurance coverage from employer
  41. H1 VISA renewal
  42. Visa Stamping from B1/B2 to F-1
  43. F1 Visa
  44. F1 status
  45. F-1 Visa stamping for new univ wile travel to India
  46. i94 wrong name by uscis
  47. F1 Visa Renewal, Need Help
  48. passport lost
  49. H4 stamp expired. Going for F1. What in case of F1 rejection?
  50. F2 to H4 if my company is not applying during H1 cycle
  51. Change of Status - F2 to F1
  52. F1
  53. passport lost
  54. How to complain on an employer who is fradulant, unethical in H1b filing
  55. Being thrown out of university
  56. Loss of acics accreditation-effect on students
  57. Travelling on 7 months extension without active client.
  58. 221g white slip mumbai
  59. stamping in canda for trasfer f1 student
  60. Regarding Travel to India
  61. Damaged passport: Currently in india on vacation.. Denied boarding by airline
  62. Does Excessive speed and Reckless driving result in deportation?
  63. Auto loans for students on OPT
  64. Interview request from Thomas Jefferson University.
  65. please share your recent Port of Entry experience
  66. Passport with F1 visa lost Query
  67. Reinstatement or Readmission?
  68. F1visa
  69. Immigration help_F1 status
  70. RFE for H4 to F1 Visa transfer application: Need to show funds which are readily available for withdrawl
  71. F-1 visa renewal process and any possible port-of-entry issues
  72. Regarding Immigration
  73. Issue with the employer
  74. Need suggestions on my travelling plan
  75. FI OPT marrying US citizen
  76. H1b and F1 visa conflicts
  77. Minimum liquid assets to show for F-1 Visa Interview
  78. Financial supporter (Sponsor) died
  79. Green Card - PERM - Changing jobs
  80. Tax filing documents: Need help
  81. 2014 Tax filing Question: Need Help
  82. SPOUSE VISITOR VISA REJECTED, CAN I APPLY FOR F2 while i am graduating in May 2017?
  83. Which option is good in applying for F-2 Visa? 1-At the time of graduation ceremoney OR 2- After getting OPT and JOB
  84. F2 Visa Rejected for my wife
  85. Stolen Indian passport along with f1 visa
  86. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 2017
  87. For F2 visa
  88. opt and cap gap isuue
  89. Regarding F1
  90. I-539 Denied
  91. Academic dismissal - F1 status
  92. F-1 visa
  93. Adding parents in DS-160 before Visa Interview
  94. F-1 Visa renewal
  95. F1 stamping approval
  96. h4 to f1
  97. F1 Visa Renewal for Doctoral Students
  98. H1b F1 COS applied , I94 expiry day and Class Start date has 30 day gap
  99. New Masters degree before OPT expiry_currently_outside_US
  100. Issue in obtaining Driver License on Cap-Gap
  101. F1 visa damaged on opt extension
  102. F2 to F1 Visa --- Canada or India????
  103. Change my status
  104. Job in the field of java,will i face any problem for h1b?
  105. Is there any problem returning because of the double status?
  106. F1 VISA renewal
  107. F1 Visa re-stamping in new passport
  108. F1 Visa Rejection
  109. Sevis reinstatement
  110. Travel to india during second masters
  111. Academic Dismissal in July 2016 from graduate school and got back to India due to personal reason and got stuck till now
  112. H4 to F1 conversion when spouse H1B petition transfer is not yet approved
  113. i-20 expired/reinstatement approval chances
  114. International Hospitality Management - Visa help
  115. Unable to pay fees, leaving for home country
  116. Working on campus and tax forms
  117. Passport expiring in Jan 2018
  118. STEM OPT end date later than F1 visa date
  119. Change of status F2 TO F1
  120. F1 Visa in approved Study abroad - 5 month rule applies?
  121. Inquiry about day 1 cpt universities
  122. F1 to H1 I-94 Update
  123. Change of status dilemma
  124. I am on F1 visa in USA- Got bad grades,what are the options to stay in USA?
  125. Change of Status F2 to F1
  126. New I20 after sevis terminated
  127. F2 Visa Appointment Form Help
  128. SEVIS expired Academical suspension Need urgent help
  129. Travel to India while pursuing 2nd Masters
  130. Questions for transfer from H1B to F1
  131. SEVIS transfer from USA only or have to go to India again if I have to transfer my SEVIS?
  132. F1 to H1B or stay in F1 and reapply in lottery for new H1b?
  133. What is useful advise/suggestions to obtain second F-1 VISA for Second Master's Program in Same Institution (USA)
  134. F1 to H1; University Reporting!!
  135. Extension of F1 visa after change of university and degree MS to PhD
  136. Academic Drop status
  137. Possibilities of getting my F-1 visa Stamping done successfully
  138. Question about OPT and I-20 after failing a course
  139. Re-entering USA with still valid F1 visa however renewal gone into 221g processing
  140. F1 visa renewal while on OPT STEM Ext.
  141. expelled from university due to fake degree certificates
  142. F-1 VISA Re-Stamping while pursuing 2 nd masters.
  143. Question : H4 EAD to F1 Visa
  144. Question on F1 PhD visas
  145. H4 to F1 colleges for in Pennsylvania ,NJ , Virginia
  146. F1 reinstatement
  147. Online Degrees
  148. F2 visa attempt
  149. H4 to F1 stamping in India when Spring session in progress
  150. Travelling for stamping on my second masters to India
  151. 2nd Masters, Valid I20, New Passport, F1 in Old Passport, Name Order Change
  152. I have to travel to india for while
  153. Drive Uber with F1 SSN
  154. F1 visa expiring soon
  155. F1 visa for spouse husband on h1b
  156. May get kicked from the university. Need Help.
  157. F1 Stamping in Canada
  158. F1 visa
  159. on FI visa doing second maters and job on CPT
  160. F2 Visa Rejected for my wife
  161. renewal driver license at penndot
  162. Enter US with valid visa and different sevis from other college
  163. F1 visa
  164. My F1 visa is approved and stamped
  165. Working Full Time on CPT
  166. Question on F1 Visa
  167. Facing Disqualification from University. What's the next step?
  168. F1 visa
  169. F1 visa(5yrs) expire in passport, i-94 record
  170. F1 (University A for MS) to OPT, then STEM OPT and then back to F1 (University B for PhD). F1 Visa Expired
  171. Can I travel India
  172. Seeking advice- F2 rejected once- reapplying again
  173. My F1 visa expires in July 2020, Can I travel to India
  174. Cap Gap Extension Expires,H1 still in process
  175. Need help With College Admission for earliest CPT
  176. F2 visa - DS160 - Spouse working now but will be resigned from job on the interview date
  177. Any recent F1 stamping??- advice pls
  178. Request attorney contacts- H4- F1 status- economic price
  179. F2 to F1 or F2 TO H4
  180. Question Regarding consulate interview preparation
  181. Potentially out of F-1 status, what are my chances of F-1 visa renewal?
  182. My F1 OPT status has been changed
  183. F1 Renewal while STEM is Pending
  184. H1 to F1 (16 yrs exp., H1B exipring this may)
  185. I20 expiration
  186. H4 to F1 COS Approved. Traveled to India. Do I need to go for VISA Interview
  187. F2 to F1 COS Visa interview
  188. F1 visa renewal
  189. Masters in Data Science
  190. F1 about to lose status and Re-entry
  191. F1 visa renewal