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  1. Is it fine to file H1B with 2 different employers ? Please do let me know.
  2. Filing for H1B without Client Letter. As per school-Have to leave US,if H1B not appro
  3. Can I apply for H1B on 1st April? Visa Screen done by End of April.
  4. Can I work on OPT if my H1B is denied?
  5. What are my options if H1B is quota full?
  6. Is there any problem for students like STEM graduates in getting H1B(20,000 quota),
  7. Can I apply for H1B on 1st April? Visa Screen done by End of April.
  8. New Bill introduced in US to eliminate abuse of H1B visa programme
  9. File H1B with out thesis defense, Is it okay?
  10. Filed H1B, Need to Travel to India in Emergency, How does this impact my H1B?
  11. My Salary of 20k doesn't qualify for H1B, What options do i have?
  12. How much is the minimum salary requirement to file H1B ?
  13. What are my options if H1B is quota full?
  14. Flashing News: H1B lottery will likely not be triggered, as per Immigration Daily New
  15. Income Tax question. Working on-campus.Social Security and Medicare Tax Deducted from
  16. 3 Credits Left, Can I file H1B now? Am I eligiblity for OPT pre completion,
  17. Historical H1B/Green Card sponsorship details from various companies, where can I fin
  18. No Pay Stubs, Is it okay to file H1B?
  19. Do I need Client Letter for Filing H1B?
  20. Breaking News - H1B visa cap will be over within 5 days
  21. Is there particular amount to be run on my pay check for H1B ?
  22. H4-->H1B-->H4, Is this possible?
  23. Like this post if you can't share your thoughts so it reaches someone who can help.
  24. I want to know what is the benefit of applying premier H1B. Does it have special pref
  25. Will I be able to enroll in Masters Degree Program without changing my H1-B visa stat
  26. Will this accreditation issue causes a problem during H1B?
  27. Looking for Consultancy to Sponsor H1B,
  28. Apply H1B from UK?
  29. Can I have control over switching to h1b from OPT?
  30. H4 Visa --> H1 Visa, How difficult?
  31. How i can find a consultancy is good and they will pay regular h1b filing etc?
  32. My Surname is incorrect in my passport, applying for H1B, how to fix this?
  33. Has H1b visa through lottery system already been enforced? Can someone answer my que
  34. I want to apply for H1B in 2014 as my OPT is valid till july 2014. Whats happening? C
  35. Flash News- H1B Cap reached
  36. How do you feel about 2014 H1B petition?
  37. How do you feel about 2014 H1B petition?
  38. U.S. gets flood of H-1B petitions on first day
  39. H1B while moving from Non-Profit to For-Profit organization?
  40. How can you get H1b approved any time of the year without limitations?
  41. Can I apply for H1B right now? Graduating in Aug 2013
  42. Has H1b visa through lottery system already been enforced?
  43. USCIS Reaches FY 2014 H-1B Cap-Received approximately 124,000 H-1B petitions
  44. H1B Petition filed under Premium Processing-Status
  45. Joining University if not selected in H1B Lottery- My Problems starts?
  46. Two Employers filed H1B-Need clarification?
  47. Is 20,000 Advanced degree Cap for First time H1B Applicant only?
  48. Missed H1B quota: Travel now or after Back to school ?
  49. Anyone got receipt number who filed H1 under normal process ?
  50. 17 page outline of “Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration
  51. H1B RFE- Asking Approval for 797
  52. I didn't receive receipt number for h1b till now. I was wondering what all universiti
  53. Am I eligible for applying H1-B for 2014?
  54. Got H1B, but 2 more semesters remaining-How to maintain Status till Oct 1st without
  55. Is my H1B petetion approved/rejected?
  56. Hello All, Congrats to people who are getting H1b Approved. is there a way to find
  57. Are you still hearing about your H1B updates?
  58. Is there anyone whose application for H1B was sent on 5th April and got accepted, as
  59. Name is missplet on H1B receipt, will it be an issue?
  60. H1-B for general quota
  61. My H1B Premium Processing got an enquiry (RFE), How long does it take to get response
  62. When is the closing date of H1B visa notification for this year ??
  63. Not able to find the receipt number against my name
  64. H1B Visa Stamping in October- Is it too early?
  65. Hi, Do you know if people who applied for H1-B in general quota started getting
  66. Can we apply to OPT STEM extension if not selected in H1B lottery?
  67. Quick Question, are we eligible for tax return if we are on H1b like the way we are
  68. Haven't heard about my H1B- Can I travel before OPT expires?
  69. Got Job offer after H1B deadline- Any Alternative?
  70. Can I join a NOT E-Verified Company? Will there be issues with H1B and OPT Extension?
  71. Immigration Bill Strong for H-1B and STEM visa program on Day2
  72. H1B Ammendment filling
  73. My H1B Application got Query
  74. H1 Transfer- Query
  75. About Indian MNC on my H1
  76. HI, I am a Masters student. MY H1B dint get selected in the lottery. WHat are the opt
  77. Issued 221g pink slip -Impact of H1B approval
  78. Best technology to learn
  79. Is there a premium processing similar to H1B for Pre-OPT? or I will loose golden chan
  80. Query-221G
  81. H1B Petetion got selected- Can I travel?
  82. Will it be a problem in H1B?
  83. H1B got selected but have RFE. What should I do?
  84. Is there a Cap for F1 to H1 Visa change?
  85. I-94 departure record problem
  86. H1B package and check returned but sevis status shows receipt number with intial revw
  87. My H1B didn't get selected. When should I join school to maintain status.
  88. My H1B package and checks got returned.. does it generate a receipt number??
  89. Computer science to Computational Science- Is this STEM degree? Will there be issues
  90. Is It legal to invest on stock market on either H4 or H1B status?
  91. Need help!! POE trouble
  92. Is it mandatory to go to home country for H1 stamping?
  93. Can I transfer from Non-Profit H1B to For-Profit H1B?
  94. Problem at Port of Entry?
  95. If I return back to my Home Country, Am I still eligible for 20,000 H1B Cap?
  96. First H1 B stamping in Canada
  97. Class registration before Oct 1st
  98. Transferring from Univ level to English school level
  99. Graduating in May 2014-When is the right time to file for H1-B? Oct 2014 or 2015?
  100. H1b rfe to approval time in premium processing and visit to India on F1 after H1B app
  101. Risk of working for a consultancy
  102. OPT extension or H1b...which is better?
  103. I am on H1b visa and doing Masters. Can I apply for OPT to change my profession?
  104. joining a consultant in SAS (biostatistics)
  105. Re-Activating H1b
  106. "No H1B limit for STEM Graduates" - Do you LIKE this?
  107. H1B visa who is seeking a job in US
  108. Coming on F1 again
  109. Process of filing H1B: My employer is sponsoring for the first time
  110. Am I allowed to own a business if I am on OPT
  111. Apply for Green Card while on OPT?
  112. h1b approved. Joining on oct 14th.
  113. Employer refusing to give I-797 approval notice
  114. Looking for the consultencies
  115. Salary below 60K - Is that a problem while filing H1B
  116. Desperate for a H1B. Need suggestions, please.
  117. Apply H1 eventhough not on job ?
  118. H1B Visa
  119. H1B/Green Card Lawyer fees
  120. F2 to h1b
  121. good consultants in NJ / NY area
  122. Any impact on VISA Stamping at Ottawa Canada because of Govt Shutdown ?
  123. H4 to H1 conversion for life science graduates?
  124. Filing H-1B when on CPT! Cause of concern?
  125. H1-B application April 2014, OPT ext. expires Aug. 2014. What should I do to work
  126. H1B Filing after OPTExpiry ?
  127. OPT to H1B
  128. Travelling after filing H1B?
  129. H1B- when is the right time to apply?
  130. Employer not paying me money and not responding for my H1b petition
  131. H1 with Non IT MS
  132. Consultant who deals with H4 candidate for H1B sponsorship.
  133. Want to apply for job in U.S(H1-B) from Canada
  134. Applying for H1b visa from Ireland, Indian student who has pursued Masters degree.
  135. H1b Pay Stubs
  136. MS in EE,Whats the chance of getting H1B/GC if applying from IT
  137. H1b still pending after the RFE is already submitted and past the 60 days .
  138. H1B transfer to 2 different employers
  139. Currently in OPT period and questions about H1B processing
  140. Need Help with USCIS status Update
  141. Can I apply for I-20 while H1 is processing
  142. Looking for Universities which provide CPT from Day1
  143. Opt & h1b
  144. How to Apply H1 with 15 years(B.Com General) of Education
  145. reject job offer before H1B filing
  146. H1b visa cap for private - for profit graduate degree
  147. H1b
  148. Networking/Infrastructure H1B Sponsors
  149. Looking for H1b sponsors(2014 - 2015)
  150. H1B- Stamping After Changing Employers
  151. Going for H1-B stamping. Avoid european airports?
  152. Health Insurance for H4 Visa holder
  153. H1B Approval depending on University or/and company?
  154. Part time CPT to H1B
  155. Transfer from uncapped H1B (granted by university) to capped H1B (company)
  156. H1B transfer got rejected
  157. H1B query
  158. Iz it better to apply H1 now in April 2014 or next year April 2015?
  159. Need to travel to India in March. H1 to be filed this year
  160. Can we apply for H1B with a provisional degree?
  161. H1B denial
  162. H1 Documents
  163. H1B sponsoring and Training in CA
  164. Need Consultancy For H1b Sponsering
  165. Urgent advice needed stem /mba students and h1b
  166. Consultancies which files H1 from India
  167. Travel before/after H1B filing?
  168. Can i apply for H1B before i graduate MS
  169. Need to apply for H1B this April(Consultancy not filing)
  170. Traveling after applying for H1-B
  171. Need to file for H1B this year. Employer details not mentioned on I-20.
  172. Can I delay effective date of approved H1b Visa?
  173. Passport Renewal before H1B is filed
  174. Questions on the documents for H1b
  175. Travel aftr filing H1 and before starting H1 status
  176. Prevailing wages, Job zones-- H1B
  177. Re : Zero Dollar Payslip
  178. H1B and OPT STEM
  179. H1b from nonprofit will it be a good idea?
  180. Job Change after H1B filing
  181. F1 visa expired is it legal to stay in usa if you dont get h1b these year
  182. Sponsoring Spouse during OPT or H1?
  183. Inquiry about F1- undergraduate degree major- Hospitality Management.
  184. Can Non-Profit apply for Cap H1B?
  185. travel with valid OPT documents but while H1 is filed ?
  186. H1B consular process
  187. Alert: H1B quota could be exhausted in less than 7 days, perhaps even on April 1 !
  188. How to apply H1B?
  189. Cap Exempt to H1B Cap Chances
  190. H1B filing with varying educational and professional backgrounds
  191. Should the employer be e-verified to apply for H-1B??
  192. Sample resumes of H1 applicants who is working for IT with different educational bckg
  193. OPT Started - Still Jobless
  194. Can H1B be filed by a different company with a joining date in future ?
  195. H1B application Mailing timeline
  196. H1 B selection result time
  197. Need Urgent Help
  198. Filing 2 H1B Application from 2 Employers
  199. Traveling to home country (in June) after applying H1B
  200. H1b visa
  201. How many OPT students will applyr H1B FY 2015?
  202. Current Employer NOT filing H1B
  203. India travel in August 2014 on OPT extension and H1B being processed or approved
  204. H1B Premium Porcessing
  205. Can I travel to India after my H1 filing is done?
  206. Can H1B start date be later than Oct 1, 2014 for petition filed on April 1, 2014
  207. Alert: USCIS-Premium Processing for H-1B Cap Cases to Start on April 28
  208. H1B Questions please post
  209. H1b sponsorship
  210. H1b applied buy OPT expires in June
  211. Multiple H1b applications
  212. What is the best carrier for mailing H1B Petition?
  213. H1B lottery date
  214. H1B multiple applications...
  215. Wont accept H1B Application submitted later today?
  216. H1 b multiple offers
  217. Travel to India while H1B application is pending *prior results*
  218. Earliest date to know the lottery results for H1-B?
  219. H1B Lottery Selection Status FY 2015
  220. Hi I am looking for a large consulting firm for free BA Training and placement
  221. Re-Filing H1 Through a non-profit like University
  222. Have Anyone Heard About Beta Soft Systems?
  223. H1b is not picked up in lottery
  224. Cap Gap if H1B Denied?
  225. H1B waiting... No change in SEVIS status
  226. H1B confusion
  227. Change of Employer during H1B process
  228. My H1 lottery picked on 11th apr but
  229. Transfer to a different state with same employer when H1 is in processing ?
  230. Does University transfer during Masters effect H1b?
  231. H1 B --Letter to employer from uscis
  232. H1B approved but need to change company
  233. H1B Regular Processing- No News Yet?
  234. H1 For-Profit Issue
  235. Work part time on H1B
  236. H1B Premium Processing - How are RFE details sent?
  237. employer change before h1 approval(in case my h1 picked in lottery)
  238. Consultancy Firms after MBA
  239. OPT end date DEC19,2014. H-1B not selected in lottery. Staying back in Cap-Gap??
  240. STEM-OPT & H-1B application contradiction
  241. MS-Thesis vs Graduation
  242. Inquiry regarding public display of LCA for H1B filed by the employer for 10 days
  243. H1 B application - No Update
  244. How to know if selected for lottery?
  245. H1B Stamping in Canada even before H1B starts
  246. H1B/Premium Processing/Vermont/RFE/CoS
  247. Cap Exempt employers/ Universities that give CPT right away in Houston
  248. Which is better: CPT from Day 1 Vs.Joining PHD program?
  249. How to transfer SEVIS? What is the timeline?
  250. H1B Approved! Need to apply for OPT extensioin?