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  1. Less than 3.0 GPA.Getting CPT offer.Can I work along with Summer coursework?
  2. Do I need to include CPT details in OPT Application?
  3. Can I apply for my PART TIME CPT in my first semester itself or not?
  4. Question from one of reader Abhi regarding CPT requirement
  5. How is the job sector in Computer Science on CPT?
  6. Do you need CPT to file H1B? Yes or No?
  7. Worked after CPT expired
  8. Can CPT Student work for Consulting Firm?
  9. hi..i am a Master's Student in Computer Science working as a TA at my university and
  10. CPT after completing coursework
  11. 2 Courses left- Can I apply for CPT?
  12. How long can I continue CPT if I take CPT as part time ?
  13. Can a student work on part-time CPT and on-campus at the same time,provided the work
  14. What if I get paid more on CPT?
  15. Can I accept temporary summer position on CPT after Thesis defense?
  16. CPT in a consultancy
  17. Can I do RA and CPT at same time?
  18. Need to apply for CPT to continue working. Would you be able to suggest a few schools
  19. Going to India on CPT
  20. Can we work for two different companies under CPT at the same time? Thank you.
  21. Can I find a IT trainig that offer CPT ?
  22. Which course can allow me a CPT in SAP FICO?
  23. Travel just before CPT is ending
  24. How many online courses can I take during each semester?
  25. While on CPT-How many online courses can I take during each semester?
  26. Which course can allow me a CPT in SAP FICO?
  27. Applying for intern and require J1 visa
  28. Does working for professsor count towards CPT?
  29. Work study program ?
  30. Regarding form Form I-9
  31. CPT Question: My Employer wants me to start CPT earlier. Is it possible?
  32. Can I work full time on CPT along with 9 research credits?
  33. Is it allowed to go over 40 hours on CPT ?
  34. Critical problem with status-Please provide your input.
  35. When should employer fill I-9 form?
  36. Can I do CPT in my last semester ?
  37. work hours more than 40hrs in CPT
  38. Special consideration from DSO for CPT
  39. Can I work on CPT and receive Graduate Stipend?
  40. Travel with cpt i20 that has h1b approval notice
  41. Do I have to be in same university for CPT eligiblity?
  42. Which Universities allow CPT from Day 1? Readers please share your experience
  43. Please suggest on CPT end date/ OPT start date please
  44. Need help!! POE trouble
  45. Can I start my CPT before even getting the Updated I-20 from the school?
  46. CPT last semester only thesis defending pending
  47. CPT Problem: ISSO told it was illegal to work- Either leave country or delete payroll
  48. Do I need to re-enter US if enrolling as New Student?
  49. Can I work on CPT for more than 1 year in different schools or is it 12 months overal
  50. Success rate for Coleman University Work/Study Program
  51. CPT Question: Is there any University or College offers courses in physical science?
  52. applying for OPT while on CPT
  53. Need Suggestion
  54. Working on a CPT
  55. Suggestion regarding applying for SSN
  56. Does my Part Time CPT make me eligible for reduced course load?
  57. Cpt earning
  58. Which College gives CPT from Day-1 in these states?
  59. Institutes for easy admission
  60. travel to india when on F1 with CPT
  61. Cpt Earning
  62. OPT problem with Part Time CPT ???
  63. CPT as a Business Analyst
  64. OPT - traveling outside USA
  65. CPT Cancellation and OPT Approval
  66. How long one can I do full-time CPT?
  67. Unpaid Internship on CPT
  68. My university only allows Part- Time CPT. How can I work Full time during Fall
  69. Got RFE- Submit all the previous I 20's of your CPT
  70. RFE regarding CPT
  71. Cancellation of CPT since new I20 not submitted - Possible federal regulation
  72. Do employers have a problem with students working on a FT job on CPT?
  73. Day1 CPT from an accredited visa University in East Coast/North England Region
  74. Am I now illegal Or would I face problem in my OPT?
  75. I am fresher and I don't know anything about CPT- What should be my next steps?
  76. Part-time CPT working over 20hrs, is that a problem?
  77. Travelling on CPT
  78. CPT for Spring 2014
  79. CPT Summer 2014
  80. Can I work for same employer on CPT and OPT? Does it called CPT Bridging?
  81. CPT how many times..?
  82. College Information
  83. Can I Work in time between cpt and opt ?
  84. Work on cpt for other employer ?
  85. Travel on CPT, OPT Processing?
  86. Final semester CPT rejected, can i apply for pre opt?
  87. worked full time on part time cpt :(
  88. Can we work for a Non E-verified Employer on CPT?
  89. Can I change employer on CPT after applying for OPT
  90. CPT Colleges Info
  91. School decided not to give CPT. Sponsorship? Urgent
  92. Universities offering CPT from day 1
  93. Tax withholding on CPT?
  94. Which college is better for H1B?
  95. Unpaid coop. Employer says not necessary to file I-9
  96. I will lose my CPT
  97. continue on OPT after CPT?
  98. CPT Info
  99. CPT Extension not on I-20, but still working
  100. Importance of unpaid offer letter
  101. Payroll Run by Employer After CPT Completion
  102. Need help to fnd jobs in san diego
  103. Getting telecommunication job
  104. College give CPT on day 1 on east coast
  105. CPT COllege
  106. Can I work on CPT(Internship) in Computer Science related field with major in EE ???
  107. Regarding Tax filing on CPT
  108. How is the market for sap bods ???
  109. CPT with employer as a consultancy??
  110. H1B will not be filed this year: Need to go to CPT after August, Need recommendations
  111. Any issues on opt after cpt?
  112. Eligibility for CPT
  113. CPT- A right or privilege for international student?
  114. CPT if GPA 2.6
  115. Usage of CPT for 11 months
  116. Full time CPT for 10 months will it be any problem to my OPT.
  117. CPT offering universities in New Jersey, North Carolina or Kansas City ?
  118. Need some CPT information
  119. 2 Employers on CPT?
  120. Fired During CPT - IS there a USCIS requirement of minimum duration for a CPT?
  121. As employer needs immediate joining Can I start work without pay until CPT arrives ?
  122. CPT eligibility for second master
  123. Working more than 24 hours in parttime CPT
  124. Pay Check Reported more than 20HRS per week
  125. CPT - help me out please!!
  126. CPT not approved and H1b Selected
  127. M.Arch student. Architecture not eligible for STEM. H1B deadline missed,what to do?
  128. CPT in Summer and Fall Semester
  129. Employee Wont file taxes
  130. 3 Semester Full time CPT under 365 days?
  131. CPT near New Hampshire
  132. Working on CPT before graduation
  133. Can i take 6 credit hours project for cpt
  134. Need Info on Harrisburg University
  135. Cpt rules
  136. part time CPT and online training... is it possible to do both??
  137. Universities offering CPT from day 1 near Portland, Oregon
  138. CPT from day 1 Schools
  139. Can i do online job when on Full time CPT?
  140. Should employer run payroll compulsorily on cpt?
  141. Working with Consultancies
  142. cpt -location
  143. Is there any case under which CPT is rejected? and why
  144. Missed a class with GBC while on CPT
  145. International CPT
  146. Reagarding Status after CPT Expiration
  147. Tax during CPT
  148. About cpt
  149. Traveling on CPT before graduation and When OPT is under process
  150. Delay in SSN due to Long last name
  151. Status Update
  152. look for a uni that can give CPT in the first semester in NY
  153. Fulltime CPT during Semester
  154. F-1 Stamping on CPT
  155. Admission in ITU: Procedure and How to make sure that Stem OPT is valid till Aug
  156. CPT in LAST Semester,during regular semester
  157. Am I eligible for CPT?
  158. CPT Offering Uni's from Day 1; H1B visa dint get picked up in the lottery.
  159. Full time CPT in last sem & location constraint in university
  160. University in Florida for Day 1 CPT?
  161. Cpt Eligibilty
  162. What will happen if I did not fill in the lunch break during my CPT?
  163. Application of CPT i20
  164. F-1 Visa Complications?
  165. H1b not picked, joined CPT palns to India.
  166. Internship with or without credits
  167. Query regarding CPT and I-20 transfer process ?
  168. Cpt
  169. Can I go to India while on CPT?
  170. colleges which give cpt and are accredited ..Readers please share your experience
  171. Need to find a cheap school to get CPT by Spring 2015 (January 2015) in Phoenix, AZ
  172. Located in Phoenix: Looking for CPT providing schools
  173. Can I work as full time with all benifits in CPT if company is willing to offer me.
  174. Stamping while on cpt
  175. H4 to F1 conversion with a short term course
  176. CPT Employers
  177. CPT college in Chicago
  178. IMPORTANT: Queries regarding CPT
  179. Sevis transfer
  180. CPT paystubs problem
  181. got full time job bfore graduating, cannot work on CPT bcoz work place is 400mil away
  182. Business Objects Training and placement assistance
  183. Am I eligible for CPT
  184. Need CPT Universities info in Illinois ,Texas and Atlanta, Georgia area
  185. full time student graduating on CPT
  186. CPT universities close to Houston, Texas
  187. CPT Hours
  188. Looking for Universities in Southern California (LA, OC, SD) that offer CPT fromDay 1
  189. CPT giving Universities from Day 1
  190. CPT offering universities
  191. Cpt - payroll issue
  192. Problems- CPT during last semester
  193. Cpt.
  194. Universities Providing CPT on Day 1 in Chicago/Nearby
  195. CPT Offering Universities from Day 1
  196. CPT in Tennasee,Atlanta,Nashville,Memphis area
  197. Employer did not run payroll. Gave company checks.
  198. Is it okay if I put unpaid internship in my resume?
  199. Summer intern without filing CPT..
  200. How important are consultant contracts ?
  201. CPT again for a different employer ?
  202. CPT Confusion.
  203. InvitING dependent on CPT
  204. Information Needed
  205. URGENT: Regarding CPT from Day 1 SEVIS Release
  206. Travel to India
  207. cpt school
  208. Does 15 months of Part time CPT effect OPT ?
  209. Day1 CPT from an accredited visa University in and around Atlanta
  210. While working on CPT, does employer needs to E-verified ?
  211. Does USCIS check for employment history that has not been reported in OPT application
  212. Day 1 CPT universities in New Mexico
  213. Cheque
  214. CPT for 8 months Full time
  215. CPT taxes as contractor
  216. Selling Windows Phone Apps
  217. On CPT, F1 Expired, Need to go to India, Need your help :(
  218. OPT/CPT info need help
  219. i Need suggestions on taking CPT please
  220. CPT in december
  221. Startup Opportunity
  222. My DSO says CPT original i20 copy is missing - Please help
  223. RFE due to CPT: Prove CPT is integral part of studies
  224. Number of hours allowed per week during CPT
  225. Earning 75K on CPT- Tax filing
  226. Traveling on CPT
  227. Consultant provided job during CPT
  228. Internship denied by school
  229. CPT and Asylum EAD
  230. Colleges that don't require GRE and offer CPT from day 1
  231. Need help regarding CPT
  232. CPT Universities
  233. Finding difficulty in choosing Technology and Employer
  234. Got Visa on one SEVIS and need to enter US on a different SEVIS
  235. cpt query for fresher
  236. HIB in masters cap/Universities in Michigan offering CPT from day 1
  237. CPT after university change
  238. what to do GPA only 2.99 not eligible for opt and cpt
  239. Possible ways for a PhD student in following situation to join a company.
  240. CPT I 20 Date Issues.
  241. Student Joining Harrisburg University for MS IT - CPT Question
  242. Whats with so many training and placement banners on desiopt?
  243. Employer change for CPT after submitting learning contract.
  244. Payroll in CPT
  245. Travel to india in cpt?
  246. CPT Cancellation
  247. Travel to india while having cpt as the last course
  248. Cpt-opt
  249. RFE if I am legal to do this
  250. Placement Agencies - Training Question