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  1. Travel after applying for OPT? Can I re-enter US?
  2. Can I work more than 40 hours/week on OPT?
  3. Graduating in June. F1 Visa Expires in July. After OPT approves and with Job offer, c
  4. Filing for 17 months OPT Extension. What information do I need from previous Employer
  5. Travel after applying for OPT? Can I re-enter US?
  6. Graduating June 2013. OPT ends June 2014. When should I file for H1B?
  7. Client letter for OPT Extension
  8. OPT card delay- USCIS says it's taking 6 months to process
  9. What if I apply for OPT and don't Graduate?
  10. If I go on OPT and start my Job in June 23 (graduating in May), what is the earliest
  11. My OPT is on process..so can i apply for H1B visa when my OPT is in Process?
  12. Valid OPT with Expired F1 applying H1B from India, what is probability of approval?
  13. Masters --> Bachelors, Is OPT approval an issue?
  14. Lost my OPT Card, Can I go to work tomorrow?
  15. OPT card delay- USCIS says it's taking 6 months to process
  16. Client letter for OPT Extension
  17. Graduating in May 2013. Have Full Time Job Offer with Start date in July.
  18. Can I visit another country for vacation on OPT while working for a consultancy.
  19. If I finish my course with in 1 year i.e. less than 365 days will my OPT be approved
  20. I need an urgent help....My previous employer deposited money in my bank account, Doe
  21. Did not send one of the document while applying for my OPT, what to do next?
  22. When does my program gets added to OPT STEM list?
  23. Now a days how long does it take to get OPT card ?
  24. Do you support the idea of Green Cards to OPT Students and Immigration Reform ?
  25. Forgot to answer one question in the OPT Form I-765, How to fix?
  26. What if USCIS denies my application for post-completion OPT ?
  27. OPT Expires in May, Joining Masters in August - Will I be out of status?
  28. USCIS OPT Form Expired, Is it okay to use?
  29. H1B-->OPT-->H1B, Is Clock Reset Needed?
  30. During opt extension can we shift to another employer in case if my employer fires me
  31. My opt started on july 2012, i went to a consultancy, i didnt get job.
  32. OPT Start Date? Is it risky to use full grace period?
  33. Like this post to support the idea of passing OPT STEM Immigration bill before compre
  34. Would it be possible for me to re-enter on valid OPT STEM? Did anyone go through this
  35. Typo on post completion OPT, how to update?
  36. Does this affect on my OPT approval process - Need J1 waiver for H1B?
  37. Like this post to Support proposed change to immediately able to file green card appl
  38. Graduating in May 2013, when to apply for OPT?
  39. Is My OPT Approved or Denied? I am in confused state - Is any one in this situation,
  40. OPT Stem Extension
  41. Two of my friends have applied for OPT in Dec '12 and they still didn't get their opt
  42. Mistake while applying for OPT STEM Extension
  43. Can we ask employer to pay OPT extension fee? I think if i ask my employer he will
  44. Like this post if think having an exclusive Forum for OPT/CPT students is helpful?
  45. New Bill to Increase 50,000 special visas for OPT STEM Graduates Introduced
  46. OPT extension pending, can you change the employer?
  47. Wife applying for F2 visa, Is it better to do before or after getting OPT?
  48. Can't find a Job and my OPT 90 days unemployment period is approaching, please help!
  49. Getting Married - Is it safe to travel before or After OPT?
  50. OPT Card Stuck due to background checking - Please help!
  51. H4 Visa ---> F1 Visa ---> OPT
  52. Can you change the employer during OPT STEM Extension?
  53. OPT Job as high school teacher, is it possible?
  54. Will I have to quit my on campus job that is not related to my field because my pre-O
  55. Is it necessary to have CPT or OPT to do summer internship?
  56. I doing my masters program in IT from Concordia Universtiy, wisconsin. I am going to
  57. My OPT stem extension will get over in December, and as you know H1B is going for lot
  58. OPT Delayed 6 Months and below reader might be homeless
  59. Earliest STEM OPT Extension can be filed with USCIS
  60. What would be the exact difference between a STEM & non STEM college in terms of :
  61. One credit left- Can I apply for OPT?
  62. Can OPT Student work as unpaid Intern in California?
  63. OPT Card Delays? Can you stay until you get your EAD card?
  64. Can you return from home country safely after 8 months on STEM OPT?
  65. hi im on my OPT and started like 3 months ago i came to india for my brother's marria
  66. Taxes Question: OPT STEM student working for an Employer.How to get paid without empl
  67. OPT Extension Denied- Applied for H1B with current Job. Which school can offer me CPT
  68. I have a question, presently iam on OPT and my employer has to file H1B petition
  69. Hi ,I recently graduated from Texas Tech university with a masters in chemistry.
  70. Did you had similar situation,how many days did it take for you to get your OPT Card
  71. OPT STEM -Is there a timeline to apply?
  72. Can anyone help me out....if we do double masters and without applying for OPT period
  73. I have a question that is popping up in my mind from several weeks, instead of doing
  74. How to choose right OPT employer? What can you verify about the employer?
  75. Timeline for applying for OPT with or without Job Offer?
  76. Visa Denial While Travelling on OPT
  77. Green Card for OPT Students, Is it not happening?
  78. OPT STEM Immigration bill faces opposition from Senate/President
  79. My OPT is approved but I can't work due to my name
  80. OPT Student Switching from Non IT to IT
  81. Beware while Traveling to Home Country on OPT/CPT/F-1 Visa
  82. When should a OPT student start looking for a OPT job ?
  83. How OPT Student Should Choose Right OPT Employer
  84. OPT/CPT/F1 Free Dedicated Phone Number from Google Voice
  85. My 90 days of OPT unemployment period is getting over, How can I find a position
  86. Got my first paycheck without working for the company- Will this effect my current OP
  87. Can't apply for OPT STEM Extension- SEVIS data not updated. How long does it take?
  88. OPT Expires Dec 2013-I might not get H1B this year- How to maintain status till
  89. OPT Start date suggestion- Graduating in June 2013
  90. Starting Business on OPT along with Full Time job
  91. OPT Extension in process with Current Employer- If Employer fires me, how to inform
  92. My OPT stem extension will get over in December, and as you know H1B is going for
  93. Impact of full Time Pre-OPT on OPT STEM Extension
  94. Less than 1 year on F1-Am I eligible for OPT?
  95. OPT Extension Denied
  96. Can a student work remotely as a volunteer while on OPT to a company based in the US?
  97. Can a student work for two companies or have two jobs while being on OPT?
  98. Can I work after Graduation and before OPT Start Date?
  99. Is it Risky to Travel on OPT?
  100. Impact of OPT employment history on OPT Extension
  101. OPT Card Photo scan issue- Haven't heard from USCIS
  102. Changing Employer while applying for OPT Extension
  103. Can I Pre-pone OPT Start date?
  104. What if my OPT extention is rejected?
  105. Made mistake in OPT Application
  106. Can OPT Student work in different Major?
  107. My 90 day unemployment OPT period ends in a month, still didnt find a job.No valid
  108. Opt extension
  109. Can I do online degree(M.s) while I'm in my opt status? if not, what are the restrict
  110. OPT Extension approved- Can I change field?
  111. Is getting Pre completion OPT faster than Post completion OPT?
  112. STEM OPT Extension RFE-Did this happen to anyone?
  113. Can we apply for pre- and post- OPT simultaneously
  114. OPT Extension Check cashed but did not receive Receipt number
  115. Can I work in India and US on OPT?
  116. Ignoring OPT RFE (Request for Evidence), Will it be an issue in future?
  117. Is e-Notification of OPT application acceptance of OPT ?
  118. USCIS asking for Client letter but There is no way I can get the client letter
  119. Hi, I am currently on OPT. Can students on OPT get paid as an independent contractor.
  120. Can I expedite OPT processing? USCIS received my application.
  121. Can I prepone my OPT start date? Application still in Initial review
  122. Hi, I have applied for OPT extension but my company is reluctant to enter my name
  123. Will it be a problem if I dont define RFE.Please Help!!!
  124. My Company HP says 'No' for OPT Extension, Is there any other way out for me ?
  125. I am graduating this month on may 9th. What is the date I can choose my OPT to start
  126. Applied for OPT but forgot to sign my name on my new opt I-20, Please help
  127. I20 Expires July 31st, Applied for OPT - Is it Risky to Travel?
  128. OPT Expires Jan 2014, How to maintain status from Jan 2014 - April 2014 ?
  129. OPT Card will delay by 3 more months-Help me
  130. USIC scheduling Biometrics appointment for OPT. Anyone in this situation?
  131. My opt is till july 2014. Can I travel India? What I need to do? What precaution I ne
  132. Can my OPT be denied?
  133. RFE response under review- When can I except OPT Extension EAD card?
  134. Time to respond to RFE for STEM OPT extension
  135. How many days it takes to get the OPT Extension receipt number?
  136. If OPT gets rejected- Can we study in another college?
  137. I heard the process for I-94 changed, does some know about this,if yes,please do let
  138. hello,I am have applied for my OPT got RFE,they need my Photographs.sent them photos
  139. Travelling while OPT status says - Request for evidence
  140. Like this post to CONGRATULATE one of the reader whose OPT extension is approved afte
  141. I forgot to send my check in OPT application.What can I do? Plz help.
  142. Guys....heard that there were 3 people who travelled on OPT got deported after Boston
  143. Change of Employer for OPT STEM Extension
  144. OPT Card destroyed due to typographical mistake
  145. Filling out I-9 form before OPT start date?
  146. Ness is hiring 15 Junior Java developers with OPT status, H1B will be sponsored.
  147. No Last Name on OPT Card, How to fix this?
  148. Got RFE for OPT extesion
  149. Forgot to fill section 16 regarding the eligibility criteria in my I765 (OPT EAD Foru
  150. Is it safe to go india if employer is snot everified
  151. Can I convert my Post-OPT to Pre-OPT?
  152. Can we apply to OPT STEM extension if not selected in H1B lottery?
  153. Hi,If I apply for STEM OPT extension and get an RFE
  154. Can my OPT be denied?
  155. How many days does OPT application take these days?
  156. Travelling while OPT status says - Request for evidence
  157. My company has denied my OPT extension, RFE/Pay stubs questions
  158. Problems filling AR11 Change of Address form
  159. Stem opt denied, h1 is approved
  160. Recommendations for good immigration lawyers in the Bay Area
  161. My SECOND RFE- Employment History from Day One
  162. Are Infosys and TCS Visa getting rejected?
  163. My OPT Case status shows nothing on USCIS website suddenly, Is any one having same is
  164. Travelling to India on OPT STEM, My Employer is not e-verified, is it safe?
  165. Need to Travel to India while on OPT. Is ir Risky??
  166. Date of Birth printed wrong on my OPT receipt, Will it be a problem for my OPT now?
  167. Does non-paid internship count as employment under OPT?
  168. Travelling to India for my wedding, Is it safe to travel with pending OPT ?
  169. On OPT Extension- Got RFE Query, Complicated situation
  170. Stem OPT Denied, H1 is approved
  171. As per USCIS Rules-Will my STEM OPT get approved?
  172. OPT coming to an end
  173. Is it safe to travel before getting EAD card ? I am on 212E rule/2 year residency
  174. Job start date approaching but OPT Card still under Initial review- What could be don
  175. Job start date is beyond 90 days of OPT start date
  176. Hi Guys,I am waiting for my OPT card to arrive. Until it arrives, can I volunteer in
  177. Hello you guys are doing wonderful job.Mine is a critical situation, i'm currently on
  178. OPT Card destroyed due to typographical mistake
  179. Name Spelled Incorrectly on EAD Card
  180. URGENT ATTENTION: Failure in OPT card delivery !!
  181. My name was misspelled
  182. My 90 day OPT unemployment period is over & Submitted employment letter late, is that
  183. Sad experience of an OPT student misguided by a Indian MNC
  184. Minimum Hours on Post-Completion OPT
  185. opt request document
  186. Health Insurance issue
  187. I am very scared that I might not be able to complete my project in time to apply for
  188. Quiting internship in middle for a fulltime job
  189. OPT CAP GAP - Driver License Renewal issues, possible solutions?
  190. Post OPT question
  191. OPT Start date passed, didn't get EAD. what should I tell my employer?
  192. Travel on opt...
  193. Is second OPT allowed for MBA degree?
  194. OPT Student Experience with OPT Extension - RFE
  195. URGENT ATTENTION: Failure in OPT card delivery !! Has it occurred with someone else?
  196. STEM Extension-RFE
  197. Not able to change address while OPT application is in Progress?
  198. How long will it take for them to send the opt card since I need to travel to india..
  199. My Employer cannot provide Health Insurance- What are my options?
  200. Internship while on OPT?
  201. Responded to RFE on May 3rd. When can I expect OPT extension EAD card? Your responses
  202. What do I need for Drivers License Test: OPT Card or I-20?
  203. Applied for OPT, but did not get receipt number. Had anyone been through this?
  204. Which port of entry is best to return on OPT?
  205. OPT Expiring, H1B petition didn't get selected- My options
  206. OPT Receipt missing- how to get a receipt number
  207. Anybody applied to the California service center? how long did it take to get the car
  208. Got Fulltime job- How do I update Employer status
  209. Can I travel for my Engagement? OPT Extension under Initial review since 5 months
  210. OPT RFE Question
  211. Wrong name printed on my OPT card
  212. F-1 OPT and travel
  213. Submitted my OPT Application, Can I change my Start Date?
  214. Waiting for my OPT card. CPT ended on 05/31/2013. Can i Work?
  215. 85 days-My case is still under initial review. What can I do to expedite OPT card pro
  216. OPT Receipt misplaced, How to get a receipt number ?
  217. Can I update my employment offer after my opt start date? Please telll me the time f
  218. OPT still under review
  219. OPT card misplaced!
  220. Can I work for Non E-Verified company during OPT?
  221. URGENT: OPT got accepted while I am in India. Will I face any problems at the port of
  222. OPT card- How long does it take?
  223. Status Change
  224. STEM List and OPT - Management Science & Business statistics
  225. Emergency : OPT Extension might delay by ONE day. Did anyone face this issue?
  226. Can I work prior to OPT start date? I dont want to lose this opportunity.
  227. Wrong name printed on OPT Card, How long does it take to get a new one?
  228. Working on OPT status but SEVIS not updated- Is this considered under 90 day unemploy
  229. Contract job - Client sending to France for 2 months training. Is that problem? URGEN
  230. Applied twice to OPT Extension, Didn't get my receipt number, need help.
  231. Unemployment Period
  232. Forgot to update Employer Information- Would this cause complication during STEM Exte
  233. OPT Expedited, How long does it take to get the card?
  234. Travelling to India on Unpaid leave- Does this count under 90 days unemployment?
  235. Can we enroll in Online certificate program while working on OPT STEM extension?
  236. I have been on vacation for 3 months on OPT. Will I be out of Status?
  237. F1 stamping on CPT
  238. OPT - Offer Letter and Travel
  239. How can I speedup my OPT process?
  240. Job searching
  241. USCIC number where I can talk to customer representaive and get to know my status
  242. OPT start date approaches but application in INITIAL REVIEW
  243. Changing Employer during submission perion of OPT STEM Extension.
  244. OPT status shows "No Information can be provided" - I am tensed
  245. Received an RFE. Sent back Response. USCIS sending letter again.
  246. Is it possible to get an H1B visa as a freelancer?
  247. OPT Application and visa arrangement for parents
  248. OPT STEM Extension
  249. OPT EXTENSION Replacement application Issue
  250. Should I travel on OPT Stem Extension for 2 months?